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New AoU and Marvel Comics Minimates

Diamond Select has released pictures of the upcoming AoU Minimates of both their TRU and regular pairings.


-Thor and Captain America

-Iron Man and Black Widow

-Hawkeye and Ulton

-Long Coat Hawkeye and Sub-Ultron


-Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

As well as the others pictured.

From marveltoynews.com

Marvel Minimates Series 62:

Minimates_62_Axis 1__scaled_600

-Captain America vs. Red Onslaught

-”Superior” Iron Man vs. Apocalypse

-Hobgoblin vs. Carnage

-Sabretooth vs. Kluh

From marvelousnews.com

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New TMNT and… Spongebob?!?!

DST has revealed images of their upcoming second series of TMNT minimates and an upcoming Spongebob series.

The new TMNT set is as follows:

-The Turtles (with new expressions)


-Casey Jones


-Chris Bradford

-The Normans


These are pretty exciting (especially Splinter and Casey) but I do question the same Turtles with different expressions. I’ll still probably pick them up (and hopefully start review at some point), but I would have liked to see some increased variety.


And the more shocking reveal is the new Spongebob series. The characters are as follows:

-Spongebob and Sandy

-Patrick and Squidward

-Mr. Krabs and Perch Perkins

-Grandpappy Redbeard and orange Perch Perkins (variant).





Some pretty surprising reviews here. Sound off with comments, thoughts, and questions below.


Caption Contest: War

For this contest, create two armies of minimates against one another.

They don’t have to relate (Zombies vs. TMNT is fine) but it might help with captions.

Rules are as follows:

1) Send in the picture to minimateheadquarters@gmail.com before the 18th of December

2) More than 8 minimates in the picture.

3) Keep it kid friendly, ok?


That’s all for now. I’ll try to update this with an example soon.

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TRU Poll Results and NEW Series

The results to the Infinity Box Set are released alongside images and are as follows:



-Space Armor Captain America

-Space Armor Hulk


-Thane, Son of Thanos


Alongside this, news of a new series of two packs exclusive to TRU has hit with pictures

They are as follows:


-Anti Sinister Six Spider-Man and Mysterio (!!)



-Space Armor (GotG) Iron Man and Ronan the Accuser (Which were the other options of the poll, oddly enough)



-Payback Wolverine and Classic Sentinel



-Marvel Now Vision and Quicksilver

This is enormously exciting especially considering how TRU hasn’t carried their own series in quite some time. Expect to see these before the end of the year.


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Happy Thanksgiving!



The folks at Minimate Headquarters would like to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving.


Also, line-ups for the Avengers: Age of Ultron series of minimates are out and are as follows:

-Iron Man and Black Widow

-Thor and Captain America

-Hawkeye and Ultron

-Long Coat Hawkeye and Sub-Ultron

While these are exciting (especially the Hawkeyes), they do raise a couple of questions. Where’s Hulk? Scarlet Witch? Quicksilver? Baron Strucker? Hulkbuster Iron Man? My best guess would be a couple of TRU packs (Hulkbuster Iron Man and Hulk and the Twins), but their not being in the regular series worries me. We will keep posting as we find more details.

Some pictures of upcoming Walking Dead, Aliens, and Jay and Silent Bob: Art Asylum

Finally, a new photo contest will start next week. Suggestions are welcome, but I already have something in mind.


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NYCC 2014: Marvel Minimates Wave 60

DST revealed wave 60 of their Marvel Minimates line at NYCC, which is themed around the X-Men. The pairings are as follows:

Wolverine (with Forge parts) vs. Blob

Storm (with Psylocke parts) vs. Avalanche


Banshee (with Gambit parts) vs. Pyro

Jubilee vs. Destiny


Some awesome pairings that fill in some gaps in the X-Men’s roster as well as for the Brotherhood. Plus, with the alternate character parts for the X-Men (and the different looks for the Brotherhood), all four of these sets will warrant two purchases, especially when new characters in matching costumes are concerned.

Ask DST #252: Revenge of the Minimates!

Pretty long this time, so here’s a link for  now. If possible, I will summarize it at a later date:




Any comments, questions, or ideas? Sound off in the comments below.

Deadly Foes Ssssstrike!

Tired of playing sssssecond banana, Sssspider-man’s deadliest foessss have taken over the Minimate community!


I, the Lizard, have overthrown my mammalian inferiorsssss and am now running the show here at Minimate Headquarters.


Cletusssss Kassidy will be spreading the carnage that only he could cause at Minimate Multiverse. May the community quake in fear as hissssss colors run across the messsssage boards!



The Sssssandman has sssspread his mark on Minimates Central, doing his part to prevent the sssssmear campaign against usssss down-trodden villains.


That weakling, Connorsssss, has taken refuge in the Minimate Factory, where he’s ssssshowing how to make more sssssuperior beings like ussssss.


And Doctor Octopussss has sssstaked his claim on Luke’s Toy Store, where he hassss forced Luke into sssservitude. He’ll be sssslashing prices in preparation for the arrival of the Deadly Foes of Spider-Man boxed set, so that Ssssspider-man’s greatest foes can finally ssssshine!


Bonus Kit for Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Revealed

The Deadly Foes of Spider-Man 4-Pack is coming to Luke’s Toy Store this September, and anyone ordering 3 or more sets will get an exclusive bonus kit! This kit includes 2 alternate looks for each character (via Luke’s easy-to-apply stickers) and 4 accessories, for a total of 12 items! The full list of items includes:

  • 2 Broken Vials
  • Webbed-Up Minimate Base
  • Beaker with Serum
  • Angry Carnage Face
  • Transforming Carnage Chest
  • 1st Appearance Sandman Face
  • Sandman Chest Impact
  • Transforming Lizard Face
  • Lizard Torn Shirt
  • Doc Ock Alternate Face
  • Doc Ock Web Blast Face

The Deadly Foes of Spider-Man set includes Carnage, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, and Lizard. It features several newly sculpted pieces,

including towering arms for Doc Ock, a classic Lizard head, and new symbiotic parts for Carnage – his first Minimate release in over 10 years! It also comes packed with a tray full of swappable accessories, including an unmasked Carnage head and hair, parts to make Lizard into Curt Connors, and non-powered parts for Sandman.

The Minimates are limited to 3,000 pieces and the bonus kit is limited to 80 pieces. Both are expected to arrive at the end of September. The bonus kit will automatically be included with orders of 3 or more Deadly Foes sets.  This set is available for preorder here: http://lukestoystore…imates-box-set/

bonus01_zps6895f836 bonus02_zps3df4e341 bonus03_zps07cde727 bonus04_zps1d162874 bonus05_zps4580dd1e bonus06_zpsfb2302c8 bonus07_zpsf158c12e bonus08_zpscae1d57d bonus09_zps5d2ebbd3 bonus10_zps3ad9ba88 bonus11_zps03a62e36

New Minimate Sets up for Pre-Order

Big Bad Toy Store has a few new minimate sets up for preorder

Buck Rogers Minimate Box Set

-Captain Buck Rogers

-Colonel Wilma Deering

-Princess Ardala


1″ micro figure of TWIKI


Godzilla Minimates Series 02 Box Set

-Atomic Breath Godzilla


-Jet Jaguar

-Hedorah the Smog Monster


Kill Bill Master of Death Box Set

-The Bride

-Hattori Hanzo

-Pai Mei




Images courtesy of bigbadtoystore.com