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Toy Fair ’14: Walking Dead, Marvel, more

Toy Ark has several galleries posted of images from Toy Fair of all the Minimate goodness that’s allowed to be shown. I’d recommend checking out the links below to check out all the images.

Here’s what we know (so far):


courtesy of Toy Ark

courtesy of Toy Ark

The previously announced Aliens assortment was out. There also seems to be sets from the original Alien movie, though these seem to fall under the no-photo clause, so other than a 35th anniversary “something” not much is known.

Amazing Spider-Man 2

As reported previously by Onslaught, Marvel series 56 will be based on the new Amazing Spider-Man movie and will feature:

  • Graduation Peter & Gwen
  • Spider-Man & Green Goblin
  • Battle-Damaged/Firefighter Spider-Man & Electro
  • Aleksei (pre-Rhino) & Smythe

There’s also reportedly an accompanying TRU series, which will likely feature some overlaps and perhaps a few more of the thousand or so villains that seem to be showing up in the movie.

Battle Beasts

courtesy of Toy Ark

courtesy of Toy Ark

The recently announced second series of Battle Beasts was also on display.

Big Bang Theory

courtesy of Toy Ark

courtesy of Toy Ark

New license Big Bang Theory had its first two box sets on display with what appears to be a Minimate-sized couch.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

courtesy of Toy Ark

courtesy of Toy Ark

A Marvel series will also be devoted to the new Captain America movie, with the pairings of:

  • Steve Rogers & Winter Soldier
  • Black Widow & Falcon
  • Batroc (?) & Pierce (?)
  • Crossbones (?) & Captain America


courtesy of Toy Ark

courtesy of Toy Ark

New license Godzilla had its first box set on display, featuring Godzilla, Mothra, and two character that I hope someone in the comments can verify for me.

Guardians of the Galaxy

There will be another Marvel series for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but there seems to be a no-images policy in place for this one, so not much is known other than that there will be one.

Kill Bill

Two more box sets from Kill Bill were displayed, featuring:

  • The Crazy 88
  • The Bride, Bill, Pai Mei & Hattori Hanzō

Also on display was the previously announced box set.


courtesy of Toy Ark

courtesy of Toy Ark

A “Best of” series 3 is in the works, featuring updated versions of:

  • Gray Hulk (with a new raging Bruce Banner underneath) & Iron Man
  • Luke Cage & Iron Fist
  • Captain America (Ultimate?) & Spider-Sense/Sun God Spider-Man
  • Ant Man (with lab coat) & Hawkeye

Luke Cage and Iron Fist are clearly the stars of the series, as Luke is a badly needed revisit of the less-than-stellar New Avengers version, and Iron Fist comes with enough new stuff to make him worth another purchase for anyone who already got the Shadowland version of him. The new Hulk is also a great revisit also. The rest will depend on your completionist status, but to be fair, this is a “best of” assortment, so you can’t expect them to reinvent the wheel for everyone.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

courtesy of Toy Ark

courtesy of Toy Ark

The previously announced box set for Plants vs Zombies was on display.

Pulp Fiction

We finally got our first look at the forthcoming Pulp Fiction Minimates, with two box sets based on various parts of the story:

  • “Vincent Vega & Marcellus Wallace’s Wife” with Vincent, Mia, Lance & Jody
  • “The Bonnie Situation” with Vincent, Jules, the Wolf & Jimmie

Also on display was a two pack featuring Vincent and Jules.

Sin City

We also got our first look at the upcoming Sin City Minimates, with box sets featuring various storylines:

  • “The Yellow Bastard” with Hartigan, Nancy, Roark Jr & Senator Roark
  • “The Hard Goodbye” with Marv, Goldie/Wendy, Kevin & Cardinal Roark

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

A series will be based on the new Nickelodeon cartoon, but with no images, not much beyond that is known.

View Askew

A box set is planned based on the original Clerks movie, featuring Dante, Randal, Jay, and Silent Bob.

There’s also assortments planned for Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back featuring:

  • Jay & Silent Bob (with Susanne)
  • Justice & Marshal Willenholly
  • Bluntman & Chronic
  • Chaka & …well, let’s just say it’s Mark Hamill

Walking Dead

Series 6 of the Walking Dead was on display, featuring Carl for the first time, as well as more Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, and zombies, plus a few characters I admit to not recognizing.


Overall, a pretty good showing.

Toy Fair 2014: ASM 2

image image image imageThe pairings are as follows:

Alistar Smythe and Aleksei Sytevich

Battle Damaged Spidey and Electro

Graduation Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy

Spider-man and Green Goblin (Harry (Norman?) Osborn)

From comicbookmovie.com

According to Diamond Select’s Facebook page, there will also be a TRU assortment for the ASM 2 minimates.

News Roundup: Battle Beasts, New Licenses

Comics Alliance has the first look at the second series of Battle Beasts.

courtesy of Comics Alliance

courtesy of Comics Alliance

The line-up will include:

  • Giraffe & Hammerhead
  • Cow & Bear
  • Cobra & Bat
  • Anubis & Thrush

These are expected to hit specialty store shelves over the summer, and apparently the names aren’t finalized yet. I’d recommend GI Raffe for the giraffe figure, though they’d likely have to license the name from buttheadsmate. Overall, the figures look really good. My only real criticism (and a minor one at that) is seeing all the detailed sculpts for the various characters, it’s kind of disappointing that Cow’s chest adornment is just painted on.

As for new licenses, it looks like the Big Bang Theory will be getting a couple of box sets, through a partnership with Bif Bang Pow!

courtesy of Action Figure Insider

courtesy of Action Figure Insider

courtesy of Action Figure Insider

courtesy of Action Figure Insider

Not much is known about release dates, venues, or if the line-ups are even finalized, but it looks like the sets will contain:

  • Sheldon, Amy, Howard & Raj
  • Sheldon, Leonard, Penny & Bernadette

It’s one of those licenses that kinda makes sense, but kinda doesn’t. The show is really popular, but in the end, it’s a bunch of civilian characters which might not win it a lot of casual purchases. Still, with Sheldon sporting Green Lantern and Flash shirts, it’s probably as close to more DC Minimates as we’re likely to get any time soon. And it does seem kind of fitting to stand them alongside your Marvel and DC characters.

One thing I’d like to see them add, is use the collar piece from the Star Trek Minimates on Howard. He always wears a turtleneck on the show, and bulking up the neck of his figure would capture that perfectly. Alien pin is optional.

And that’s not even the most bizarre license!

EGM has the first look at the Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Minimates.

courtesy of EGM

courtesy of EGM

The box set will feature:

  • All-Star Zombie, Engineer Zombie, Cactus, Pea Shooter & Marigold

What makes this particular license odd is that more than half the box set won’t be traditional Minimates. Despite that, the characters are visually appealing enough to catch attention and overall are done really well.

Caption Contest: Valentine’s Day

We’re back for another great (and highly anticipated) caption contest, this time revolving around Valentine’s Day, as was suggested in the comments a couple of weeks ago. Rules are as follows:

1. Keep it appropriate. This isn’t Last Tango in Paris.

2. The picture can be creating a scene from your own imagination, but it must contain at least two characters who could theoretically be viewed as a couple within their own universes. This means only couples within their own universes. So no Hawkeye and Wonder Woman or Terminator with the Lost in Space robot.

3. No custom minimates. This is slightly unfortunate, but I do want to keep the playing field fair for everyone, customizer or not.

4. Keep the theme of the picture Valentine’s Day or love. So don’t have the couple fighting bad guys (unless it’s a Nite Owl-Silk Spectre thing).

5. Email it to minimateheadquarters@gmail.com by the 20th of February.

Again, only eight are needed for a prize. If you think you have an idea, please submit.

I will add an example if anyone wants to see one, and please suggest any ideas for future contests or ideas for the site. Have fun with it, and good luck.

New Minimate Display Stands at Luke’s Toy Store

Series 2 of Luke’s 3D printed accessories has been revealed! This series focuses on four dynamic display stands: the Sprinting Stand, Handstand Base, Super Tall Flight Stand, and Hand Propelled Flight Stands.  These accessories are all compatible with Minimates, and allow you to recreate your favorite action scenes. Each item is available individually or as a set of 4 at a discounted price. These exclusive accessories are in stock now at Luke’s Toy Store.


Server Downtime

At some point over the next day or so, the server that hosts MMHQ will be down briefly for an upgrade. I don’t have an exact time for when this downtime will occur, outside of the nebulous time frame of “tomorrow night”. Theoretically, the downtime should only last 15-30 minutes.

Ask DST #240

The latest Q&A has been posted, with tons of questions. Below are the highlights.

  • Likely no chance to release the Thor: Dark World figures from the canceled TRU series.
  • DST has nothing against the Wrecking Crew.
  • No plans for the Hobbit.
  • Outside of comic shops and Toys R Us, online is your best bet for finding Minimates.
  • DST picks their Marvel line-ups by throwing darts at a board with every Marvel character’s name on it (not really).
  • Marvel movie Minimates can be tricky to make. DST has to start work well before the movie is released to have a chance at getting product on the shelves in a timely manner. This means they have to work with early reference material, which affects what characters are available to use. (Editor’s note: this is likely why you didn’t see a final battle Whiplash from Iron Man 2, among other notable absences)
  • Tomb Raider should be hitting Toys R Us shelves now.
  • Battle Beasts series 2 should hit specialty shelves this summer. Not clear yet if TRU will carry them.
  • No plans for a Guardians of the Galaxy comic-based box set to coincide with the movie.
  • No plans for Archangel.
  • No plans for Brotherhood of Mutants, though 2014 line plan is not locked in yet.
  • DST would love to finish off the Warriors Three, but so far they’ve been cut twice from the line.
  • Hopefully Banshee will be released eventually.
  • Nintendo is not interested in Minimates at this time.
  • Always a chance for Spidey and friends.
  • DST would love to do Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • No plans for Agent Venom.
  • Blue-suited Steve Rogers will be available in the Captain America: Winter Soldier line, but no plans to rerelease the comic version.
  • DST’s window of opportunity for the Marvel movies is incredibly short, with rare exceptions like the Iron Man 3 armor box set.
  • DST has adopted a “wait and see” approach to Marvel NOW, to figure out which characters to tackle.
  • For the most part, Chuck prefers they use regular hands for the figures, but sometimes the designers slip specialized hands past his notice.
  • DST would love to do more Invincible Minimates.
  • DST will try to keep flight stands in stock.
  • No plans for accessory sets just yet.
  • A chance of seeing a new Ghost Rider and Venom to round out the Thunderbolts, but not a high priority.
  • No plans for Marvel NOW Ghost Rider in 2014.
  • No plans to revisit Superior Spider-Man anytime soon.
  • A bulked up Thanos is more likely than an Infinity box set.
  • More X-Men are coming this year.
  • Deadly Foes and X-Force box sets should be shown by C2E2 if not sooner.
  • No plans for new Fantastic Four costumes.
  • No plans for 2099.
  • New licenses are coming, including one that might be on the fans’ “must do” list.
  • Marvel NOW Avengers has been considered.
  • No plans for Mac Gargan Venom with scorpion tail.
  • It’s doubtful that Todd McFarlane would allow another toy company to touch Spawn, but worth looking into.
  • DST looked into Assassin’s Creed, but nothing came from it.
  • Street Fighter x Tekken and Marvel vs Capcom didn’t sell as well as DST had hoped, so no plans for anything else from that family for now.
  • No plans for Sugar Man, X-Man, Mojo, and Silver Samurai.
  • Inhumans and New X-Men have not been ruled out for future sets.
  • DST would love to do more Skybound, but they have to pick the right property. Nothing planned currently.
  • Star Trek is not selling as well as they would like, so while more hasn’t been ruled out, it isn’t looking very promising.
  • DST tries not to answer questions with a definite no in the event that things change. They also won’t say that a certain character will come in a certain series for the same reason. In addition, revealing too much too early can cause problems with the marketing department. (Ed. note: not much point in giving a website the chance to exclusively reveal a new character if Chuck said it would be in that series five months ago)
  • Questions concerning Agent 88 would have to be sent to Digger.
  • DST is interested in the new Marvel Netflix series, but are waiting to see what happens for now.
  • Thundercats wasn’t DST’s license, so not much they can do to keep the line going. They had to sneak the last box set out before the deadline expired.
  • DST would love to do more MAX stuff, but there was a change in buyers at Toys R Us, which means he’ll have to be convinced to carry the line again.

Caption Contest Results

Here they are, the  results everyone has been waiting for…

I’d like to note that I received only seven distinct (from a different person) entries, which is one short of the eight for a prize. So, so close. The last person who was close to submitting, please submit. Also, the entries are ranked first as distinct entries, and once all the distinct entries are done, the multiples will begin.

The grading criteria are as follows:

1. A recreation of an actual scene, rather than just the idea of the film

2. Creative use of characters and pieces

3. Background and other interesting additions.

Here we go…

1. photo-3 From Max Ellentuck (Alien)

2. catrix From Feroz Nazir (The Matrix)

3. photo From Nate Christopher (Kill Bill Vol. 1)

4.  IMG_9794 From Emily Ellentuck (Star Wars)

5. IMG_20140123_195718_639 No name attributed, feel free to claim (Star Trek)

6. IMG_9799 No name attributed, feel free to claim (Pulp Fiction)

7.  image-1 From Jason Sanchez (I’d like to note that this is one of my favorite entries, and the only reason it is not high on the list is that it is from a television show, not a film. Perhaps an upcoming contest… (The Walking Dead))

8. photo-4 From Max Ellentuck (The Matrix)

9. IMG_2511 No name attributed (Ghostbusters)

That’s all, folks. If anyone wants their name/picture removed or if you want to send in any scrapped ideas for the contest, feel free to email me. Also, feel free to question/challenge my decisions in the comments below and please leave any ideas for future contests/reviews (a feature I’m working on getting started). A new contest will be posted soon (hopefully tomorrow) so check back and prepare for the next wave of ideas.

Caption Contest: Movie Scene

For this contest, all one needs to do is recreate a scene from one’s favorite film (or just an iconic one) with minimates. The only major change is that the scene cannot include minimates from the movie the scene is from. For instance, no Avengers minimates recreating a schwarama scene. No Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, etc. in a scene from the Avengers, and this includes comic mates in the scene. However, if one wanted to recreate the scene using Wolverine, Iceman, Cyclops or other X-Men, that would be fine. So, no characters from the movie in the recreation of the scene. Guidelines are as follow:

1. Keep it appropriate, as always. Please don’t create any scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street.

2. Keep the characters away from their movies. This one is explained well enough above.

3. Submit all entries to minimateheadquarters@gmail.com by Wednesday, January 29.

4. Include the subject “Caption” and name the movie at some point in the email.

As I stated in my last post, if there are more than eight independent entries, there will be a prize for the top picture. So, please submit and the contests can be continued.

More from View Askew

Toy Ark has the first look at new Minimates from the Jay and Silent Bob/View Askewniverse, and they are certainly some interesting choices! Fans will soon be able to have their very own Dashboard (buddy) Jesus and Mooby.

courtesy of Toy Ark

courtesy of Toy Ark