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Caption Contest Results

Here they are, the  results everyone has been waiting for…

I’d like to note that I received only seven distinct (from a different person) entries, which is one short of the eight for a prize. So, so close. The last person who was close to submitting, please submit. Also, the entries are ranked first as distinct entries, and once all the distinct entries are done, the multiples will begin.

The grading criteria are as follows:

1. A recreation of an actual scene, rather than just the idea of the film

2. Creative use of characters and pieces

3. Background and other interesting additions.

Here we go…

1. photo-3 From Max Ellentuck (Alien)

2. catrix From Feroz Nazir (The Matrix)

3. photo From Nate Christopher (Kill Bill Vol. 1)

4.  IMG_9794 From Emily Ellentuck (Star Wars)

5. IMG_20140123_195718_639 No name attributed, feel free to claim (Star Trek)

6. IMG_9799 No name attributed, feel free to claim (Pulp Fiction)

7.  image-1 From Jason Sanchez (I’d like to note that this is one of my favorite entries, and the only reason it is not high on the list is that it is from a television show, not a film. Perhaps an upcoming contest… (The Walking Dead))

8. photo-4 From Max Ellentuck (The Matrix)

9. IMG_2511 No name attributed (Ghostbusters)

That’s all, folks. If anyone wants their name/picture removed or if you want to send in any scrapped ideas for the contest, feel free to email me. Also, feel free to question/challenge my decisions in the comments below and please leave any ideas for future contests/reviews (a feature I’m working on getting started). A new contest will be posted soon (hopefully tomorrow) so check back and prepare for the next wave of ideas.

Caption Contest: Movie Scene

For this contest, all one needs to do is recreate a scene from one’s favorite film (or just an iconic one) with minimates. The only major change is that the scene cannot include minimates from the movie the scene is from. For instance, no Avengers minimates recreating a schwarama scene. No Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, etc. in a scene from the Avengers, and this includes comic mates in the scene. However, if one wanted to recreate the scene using Wolverine, Iceman, Cyclops or other X-Men, that would be fine. So, no characters from the movie in the recreation of the scene. Guidelines are as follow:

1. Keep it appropriate, as always. Please don’t create any scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street.

2. Keep the characters away from their movies. This one is explained well enough above.

3. Submit all entries to minimateheadquarters@gmail.com by Wednesday, January 29.

4. Include the subject “Caption” and name the movie at some point in the email.

As I stated in my last post, if there are more than eight independent entries, there will be a prize for the top picture. So, please submit and the contests can be continued.

More from View Askew

Toy Ark has the first look at new Minimates from the Jay and Silent Bob/View Askewniverse, and they are certainly some interesting choices! Fans will soon be able to have their very own Dashboard (buddy) Jesus and Mooby.

courtesy of Toy Ark

courtesy of Toy Ark

Aliens Invasion Arrives

io9 has the first look at the upcoming Aliens single-pack army building sets.

courtesy of io9

courtesy of io9

The first assortment will include Burke, Spunkmeyer, Wierzbowski, and three different Xenomorphs.

Kill Bill 10th Anniversary box set

Action Figure Insider has the first look at the first box set from the Kill Bill franchise. Based on fight at the House of Blue Leaves, this set will feature the Bride, O-Ren, Gogo, and Sofie.

courtesy of Action Figure Insider

courtesy of Action Figure Insider

Caption Contest Results


I received four entries this time, and I will post all four. I have ranked them, but their is no prize for this contest. Next contest, if their are more than eight entries, then there will be one. Here they are, and please either email or comment for more ideas for future contests. Also, I plan on beginning to put reviews on the site of new, interesting, and  retro minimates. I will try to review suggested minimates, and I will quickly review any mates one ships to me. So… have fun with all of it.

1. battle4time From Feroz Nazir

2. photo-2 From Max Ellentuck

3. image From Jason Sanchez

4. photo-1 From Max Ellentuck

Thanks to everyone who submitted and please submit if you haven’t already. Also, please comment with different ideas for future contests and/or reviews.

Caption Contest: Fight Club

For the newest contest, all you have to do is pick two minimates and present them in an organized (no sucker-punching) battle. Guidelines are as follow:

1. Keep it appropriate. In this case, no profanity, as battle-damaged mates are allowed.

2. Captions are suggested, but not necessary.

3. All franchises are allowed, but keep the fight within one franchise.

4. Finally, as always, email it to minimateheadquarters@gmail.com by midnight on the ninth of January with the subject line “Caption.”

I will edit this post later with an example and perhaps add a prize for the best entry. Good luck.

More Free Minimates from AFX

Coming off of yesterday’s free Wolverine offer, AFX is offering series 3 of the Walking Dead for free, when you purchase $40 worth of select stock. (I’m noticing a pattern: spend the cost of this set, get this set for free)


Contest Result

Only one entry this time, and thanks to the person who sent it. If you want to claim it, go ahead and sound off in the comments. Here it is:


Free Wolverine Minimates at AFX

Action Figure Xpress is having a one-day free offer: buy $20 in select product and get the Wolverine Saga box set for free.


Minimates offerings seem limited on what’s considered select stock, but if you still need to pick up Thundercats, the Trouble with Tribbles Enterprise, or series 3 of the Walking Dead, now would be a good time.