Marvel series 50: Who should be in it? (pick 2)

  • Madrox the Multiple Man (Classic) (36%, 98 Votes)
  • Nova Corps Centurions (33%, 90 Votes)
  • Mandroids (28%, 75 Votes)
  • Stepford Cuckoos (28%, 75 Votes)
  • HAMMER Agents (23%, 63 Votes)
  • Mindless Ones (16%, 43 Votes)
  • Warwolves (15%, 41 Votes)
  • Dire Wraiths (7%, 19 Votes)

Total Voters: 271

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Poll Results

Marvel series 50: Who should be in it? (pick two)

  • Baron Zemo (55%, 87 Votes)
  • Mojo (35%, 55 Votes)
  • Onslaught (31%, 49 Votes)
  • Wrecker (24%, 37 Votes)
  • Apocalypse (18%, 28 Votes)
  • Baron Strucker (15%, 24 Votes)
  • Abomination (10%, 16 Votes)
  • Vengeance (8%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 157

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Poll Results

Marvel series 50: Who should be in it? (pick two)

  • Banshee (35%, 63 Votes)
  • Falcon (34%, 61 Votes)
  • Winter Soldier (31%, 56 Votes)
  • Songbird (25%, 46 Votes)
  • Commander Rogers (20%, 37 Votes)
  • Black Knight II (19%, 35 Votes)
  • Luke Cage (14%, 25 Votes)
  • Gladiator (11%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 181

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Poll Results

Marvel series 50: Who should be in it? (pick 2)

  • Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) (47%, 73 Votes)
  • Werewolf Captain America (28%, 43 Votes)
  • Hydro Armor Iron Man (24%, 37 Votes)
  • Cyborg Spider-Man (22%, 34 Votes)
  • Iron Man 2020 (21%, 32 Votes)
  • Savage Grey Hulk (19%, 30 Votes)
  • Mutated Thing (15%, 23 Votes)
  • Team X Wolverine (14%, 22 Votes)

Total Voters: 155

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Free Wolverine Minimates at AFX

Action Figure Xpress is having a one-day free offer: buy $20 in select product and get the Wolverine Saga box set for free.


Minimates offerings seem limited on what’s considered select stock, but if you still need to pick up Thundercats, the Trouble with Tribbles Enterprise, or series 3 of the Walking Dead, now would be a good time.

Opinion: R-Rated Minimates

Let me preface this by saying that I love Quentin Tarantino’s movies. I really do. In fact, my favorite film, Inglourious Basterds, was written and directed by him. I also love the work of Frank Miller. So don’t let what follows detract in any way from their work…

Okay, here we go. Recently, there were a series of new movie-mates announced at different conventions or through the internet. Among them (for the unacquainted) are Alien(s?), Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Sin City. I wholeheartedly enjoyed all of these movies, but their inclusion in the minimate line does raise some questions for me. Now, for me, these are extremely exciting announcements, as I fully believe that these different films will look awesome in minimate form. However, I do question the demographic of these specific mates, and how they will be moved into stores. Here they are, along with my ideas for answers:

1. Will these be on display near other minimates, or (in the case of Alien) the full-sized figures of the same franchise?

My immediate idea would be not near the popular Marvel line, especially considering that no matter how dark the comics may get, the minimates will still not cross the line into the type of gore frequently seen in these movies. So, naturally, they would get their own display, assuming these are in comic shops and not large chains like TRU. However, this raises a second question,

2. How much can be put on these mates?

As in gore. Chest-burster, anyone? I didn’t actually see that scene until I was around 15, so it didn’t really bother me, but in the hands of a little kid I could see that raising some serious questions. So… disclaimer on the packaging about the content like on NECA’s figures? This idea seems a little far-fetched, especially given how friendly minimates are. Is the only answer to just not  include the gory (though iconic) versions of the characters in minimate form?

3. Box set or multiple waves of characters?

This is a little simpler, as it avoids any touchy issues such as gore. To me, however, this is just as important a question. The answer to me is to do both for some, box sets for some, and waves for some. Alien, for instance, has waves of potential much like Kill Bill, between the myriad of characters and different designs (Plugging a Coffin Bride with Pai Mei right now). Pulp Fiction and Sin City  are different, however, as Pulp Fiction has many characters, but not nearly as many characters immediately recognizable beyond Samuel L. Jackson’s Jules and John Travolta’s Vincent Vega. The obvious two-pack lies right there, along with con exclusives in “bloody” and “casual” variants. There is, of course, Mia, Marcellus, Butch, Christopher Walken, and Jimmie (Quentin himself). Maybe even through Pumpkin and Honey Bunny in there. There are nine minimates (ignoring multiples of characters), and that does not seem extremely sustainable. The answer there seems to be a few box sets and a couple two-pack tie-ins.

In the case of Sin City, the problem doesn’t seem to be the lack of characters but rather which ones to choose first. The rights are to the movie (I think) so the first obvious choice would be as follows:

Marv and Kevin

Dwight and Jackie Boy

Hartigan and That Yellow Bastard

Manute and Nancy

This hits the main characters as well as a couple of important supporting ones and, or course, Michael Clarke Duncan. The NECA route could be followed, however, with both black and white and color variants as well as different “bloody” variants for different characters. Now, I don’t know the rules for getting different likenesses, but I can only assume the rights to the film mean the rights to the characters in it (Please correct me if I’m wrong here). The amount of iconic actors in the film is unbelievable, so even seemingly menial characters would need minimates, especially if both color and black and white versions were made. With a new movie coming soon, I also have to wonder if a Josh Brolin version of Dwight will be seen. The different colored variants pose a problem as I, for one, do not want to see a “running change” fiasco like the one over at Hasbro with the current Marvel Legends, and randomly placing either black and white or color in different cases also seems like a myopic idea. Variant box sets seen in the Marvel vs. Capcom would work, but the amount of characters would constitute more than a few box sets, and the different colors would still have to be resolved. The Walking Dead route could be taken, and characters could only be done in color. These getting made, however, is an achievement in itself.

4. Violent videogames have received minimates. Just look at Halo. What’s the difference?

The difference, to me, is that the different game designed mates all had either immediately recognizable designs, or looked cool enough to be picked up without having played the game. With these R-Rated films, however, the characters are not easily noticed, especially from the eyes of a child. Most of them, beyond the Alien mates, are even in plain clothes with actors many children would not recognize or care for. Now, I am certain there is an audience for all of these minimates, so demand is not the problem. The answer to me seems to be to gear these lines more towards the adults collecting minimates rather than the children who would (and honestly should not) understand the situations and characters from these movies.

And here we are. That’s what I think so far about these lines, and I would just like to mention again that I am extremely excited for these lines, and this post in no way is against them . In unrelated news, this is the final day for the Caption Contest, and there has been resounding silence in my email box besides one entry. With a complete lack of reaction, I might post one more contest, but if that one is also neglected, I will try to move towards a different source for entertainment.

That’s all for now. If you disagree with me, have your own opinions, or just want to confirm all my ideas as correct, shout out in the comments below.


Free Comic Book Day? Free Minimates!

Free Comic Book Day is giving away free Minimates in a build up to Christmas. All you have to do is like their post on Facebook:

Caption Contest: Big Brother (or Sister)

Wow. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Delays aside, here we go for a new caption contest, this time with a slightly more focused idea. For this one, take a minimate from any property, and place it in a picture with a figure from any other line, as long as that figure represents the same character in the same costume. Captions and word bubbles are welcome, but they are not completely necessary.

Rules are as follows:

1. Keep it appropriate, as always.

2. Make sure the characters line up costume wise, otherwise, I won’t consider it.

3. Send it to minimateheadquarters@gmail.com by Tuesday and seventeenth,

4. And finally, make the subject line “Caption”

I will post results the next day (Wednesday).

Just for a basic guideline, here is a quick example of what one could do:


Beyond that, just have fun with your pictures and please submit if you read this so I can  put up more contests, possibly with prizes, if one so desired. Also, the top five will be put up unless there are too few submissions. It doesn’t take long to do, and it is extremely fun to see the results.

Have fun and good luck


Ask DST #236: Walking Dead, Marvel, more

You have Minimate questions? DST has answers in their latest Q&A. This time, the questions ponder the likelihood of Predator, DC, Agents of SHIELD, and all things Marvel.

  • Another Strange Tales box set is more likely than accompanying two-packs.
  • Power Man & Iron Fist has been considered for a new two-pack, but no plans for a Heroes for Hire box set.
  • Phoenix Five Namor and Magik would be possible, but the window of opportunity is closing.
  • No plans for more Lord of the Rings.
  • Unlikely for some of the following: Hellcat, Nighthawk, Black Knight (classic), Moondragon (70s), Tigra, Falcon (classic), Wonderman (original & 70s), Wasp, Jocasta, Jarvis, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jack of Hearts, Imperial Guard, Rogue (1st appearance & evil), Kitty Pride (1st appearance), and Dazzler (disco).
  • No plans for Inhumans, but could change in 2014.
  • Too soon for another Deadpool boxset.
  • DST doesn’t have the rights to Stan Lee.
  • DST will keep Man-Thing in mind.
  • DST doesn’t have the rights to Predator.
  • Nightcrawler, Hulkbuster Iron Man, and Doc Ock certainly possible.
  • If DST were to tie-in to a storyline, they’d plan for synergy among their various release outlets (boxsets, Toys R Us exclusives, etc)
  • No plans to make a line centered on the Ultimate universe, but always a chance for more Ultimate Minimates.
  • Walking Dead series 5 and 6 have been planned. Series 5 is being painted now.
  • While Spider-Man is always on their minds, no plans for a boxset featuring Manspider, Scarlet Spider, Anti-Sinister Six Spidey, and Spider-Man Noir.
  • DST doesn’t have the rights to Hellboy.
  • No plans for Gambit, though he’s certainly possible.
  • DST doesn’t really take secondary market prices in mind when planning on updating a figure.
  • DST doesn’t have the rights to Nintendo games, though they have inquired.
  • DC Minimates depends entirely on DC.
  • More Invincible depends on how the first boxset performs.
  • No plans for an updated, accessory-heavy Iceman.
  • Customer Service is always a good place to start if you have issues with your Minimates.
  • No plans for a third Best of series, or a new Invisible Woman.
  • Kudos to customer service Amy!
  • Another Marvel series 50 is unlikely, though the “losers” from the polls can certainly show up somewhere eventually.
  • 2014 may be Marvel movie-heavy.
  • If Chuck could pick an overlooked Spidey villain, he’d go with someone from the 70s, like Gibbon.
  • Walking Dead’s Carl will come eventually.
  • High cost and low interest doesn’t really support the possibility of any playsets.
  • If Agents of SHIELD gets picked up for a second season, DST may look into Minimates.
  • More for Thor: Dark World was planned, but TRU passed on the line, so the extra characters probably won’t be made.
  • Miracleman is not part of the standard Marvel license.
  • For the movie characters, DST can only produce characters that they have reference material for. Silver Samurai didn’t make the cut for the Wolverine series as a result. (Editor’s note: Probably why there is no final-battle Whiplash too.)
  • TRU may have passed on Captain America: Winter Soldier Minimates.

Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes Minimated

Marvel Movies is releasing a new animated feature titled Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United on December 3rd. As an added incentive, the Blu-Ray combo pack will come with an exclusive Iron Man Minimate.

courtesy of Marvelous News

courtesy of Marvelous News

According to Marvelous News, there’s also an exclusive Hulkbuster Iron Man & Hulk in Iron Man armor 2-pack coming to more.marvel.com.

courtesy of Marvelous News

courtesy of Marvelous News


Sale: 20% off at DST

Diamond Select Toys will be offering 20% off all in-stock items 10% of all in-stock items, with select items at 20% off at their web store over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Naturally, this includes Minimates.

Check out their website for all the details and for promo codes.

Edit: Thanks for the correction, Zach.

Luke’s Toy Store: Black Friday

The latest from our friend Luke:

Black Friday Minimate Deals at Luke’s Toy Store

We are planning our biggest sale ever at Luke’s Toy Store, with the vast majority of our inventory getting big markdowns! You can see our Black Friday ad below, but these are only a fraction of the items that will be on clearance. The sale will run from 12:01 AM CST on Friday, November 29th to midnight on Monday, December 2nd. We hope to see you there!

Black Friday 1


Black Friday 2

Ask DST #228

Minimates galore! Here’s the latest from the DST Q&A.

  • Sounds like no plans for 80s Avengers.
  • No plans for Seinfeld, Quantum Leap, Mortal Kombat, Batman 1966 TV series, Dick Tracy 1990 movie, The Rocketeer comic book and movie, Death Race 2000, Disney’s Herbie the Love Bug, or Army of Darkness, although one was looked at.
  • No plans for more Tomb Raider
  • No plans for Breaking Bad
  • Serpent Squad has never been discussed
  • Star Trek did okay, but no current plans for another set.
  • The Walking Dead zombies are specifically from the comic, so a poll would have to be similar to the Marvel one, with choices
  • Two-packs are never re-released
  • No plans for Kick-Ass, though it has been discussed.
  • No plans for Walking Dead vehicles
  • Inhumans have been considered.
  • Specific release dates for TRU Marvel 17 will be released at some point.
  • No plans for any more Thor than has been announced.
  • No plans for anything larger than 2 inches
  • No plans for a BAF
  • A bag of stands is $5.00 on DST’s website
  • Also sold at trade shows they attend.
  • No plans for more Resident Evil

Here’s a link: http://www.artasylum.com/2013/10/ask-dst-228-more-minimates-more-questions/

Caption Contest Results

…And here they are. Only the top three, though I did receive a number of submissions on the last day. Another contest will be posted hopefully within the week, so get ready. I did not post the names of the people who submitted, though feel free to take credit in the comments. These are in no particular order, by the way.


“shh! the show’s about to start”




Thanks to everyone who submitted, and look for another contest coming soon.