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New Minimate Sets up for Pre-Order

Big Bad Toy Store has a few new minimate sets up for preorder

Buck Rogers Minimate Box Set

-Captain Buck Rogers

-Colonel Wilma Deering

-Princess Ardala


1″ micro figure of TWIKI


Godzilla Minimates Series 02 Box Set

-Atomic Breath Godzilla


-Jet Jaguar

-Hedorah the Smog Monster


Kill Bill Master of Death Box Set

-The Bride

-Hattori Hanzo

-Pai Mei




Images courtesy of bigbadtoystore.com

Minimate Factory Relaunches after Redesign

It was nearly 7 years ago that Luke Porter started posting customizing tips at the Minimate Factory. His site has covered a lot of topics over the years, from basic Minimate customizing to decals, 3D printing, and LED lighting. As part of the site’s 7 year anniversary coming up in October, Luke has redesigned the site from scratch. Some of the new content includes:

  • Modern web design that makes it easier to find the information you want
  • Responsive design that will work on any screen
  • New Minimate sticker decal templates that cover almost the entire Minimate body
  • Free Star Trek sticker decal kit
  • Getting started guide for new customizers
  • Minimate Customizing Starter Kit with everything a new customizer would need
  • Updated Customs Gallery

“This redesign is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and I hope you will find it useful,” says Luke. “Using the newest vinyl sticker paper that became available last year, Minimate customizing is now easier than ever. For some customs all you need to do is cut out a sticker and apply it! We hope that people take that first step, so they can see how cool it is to hold a custom figure that they made, and have it look like a factory-produced character. Then they can come back to our blog for tips on painting, sculpting, and more!”

You can see all of the new additions at the Minimate Factory Customizing Blog: http://minimatefactory.com/blog


New Minimate-Scale Dioramas

Need more display options for your Minimates? Luke’s Toy Store has released 17 new Minimate-scale dioramas! They are fully finished and highly detailed with a worn and battle-damaged appearance. The dioramas range in size from rubble piles that are a few inches long to expansive dirt mounds that are over 11″ long. Many of these dioramas are modular terrain pieces that can be combined to create larger scenes.

Not only do they look great, but most of them are made from greencast recycled tire rubber. Products like these help keep tires out of landfills, which is a victory in itself, as in the United States alone we cast off nearly 290 million tires per year. But this also means that these dioramas are extremely durable. If a polystone or resin diorama falls off the shelf, you will likely be sweeping up the remains with a broom. But these rubber dioramas can withstanding quite a bit of abuse, just like the tires on your car. Bend them, drop them, hit them with a hammer, or throw them across the room – they will not shatter!

All of these dioramas are in stock now at Luke’s Toy Store: http://lukestoystore…ramas-displays/





SDCC Reveals 2014

Lots of pictures from SDCC of previously announced sets at SDCC as well as a few new items. I will be updating this page as the con goes on.

Guardians of the Galaxy


From marvelousnews.com

Sin City:

The Big Fat Kill Box Set




-Jackie Boy



Pulp Fiction:

- Bloody Jules

- Bloody Vincent

- Jimmie

- The Wolf


Kill Bill:

- The Bride “Beatrix Kiddo” (in coffin)






from toynewsi.com


SDCC ’14: Mass Effect

Diamond Select Toys offered up a preview of their new Mass Effect line, which will be available at Game Stop.

Mass Effect, courtesy of Diamond Select Toys

Mass Effect, courtesy of Diamond Select Toys

SDCC ’14: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Diamond Select Toys and Nickelodeon will be giving out promotional Minimates for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line at their respective booths at SDCC. Translucent Leonardo and Michelangelo (based on the hit episode where they turtles are turned into fruit snacks) will be available at the DST and Nickelodeon booths, respectively.

Leonardo, courtesy of Diamond Select Toys

Leonardo, courtesy of Diamond Select Toys

Michelangelo, courtesy of Diamond Select Toys

Michelangelo, courtesy of Diamond Select Toys

The first series of Ninja Turtle Minimates will start hitting shelves in September. Look for them at comic shops, specialty stores, Toys R Us, Sears, and K-Mart.

Ninja Turtles series 1, courtesy of Diamond Select Toys

Ninja Turtles series 1, courtesy of Diamond Select Toys

SDCC ’14: Grimm Fairy Tales

DST has partnered with Zenescope for the Grimm Fairy Tales license. The first Minimates from the new line will be available at Zenescope’s booth at SDCC in the form of two single pack figures: Red Riding Hood and Dark Nissa.

Red Riding Hood, courtesy of Diamond Select Toys

Red Riding Hood, courtesy of Diamond Select Toys

Dark Nissa, courtesy of Diamond Select Toys

Dark Nissa, courtesy of Diamond Select Toys

New Minimates: TMNT and Alien

Some new photos from upcoming minimates are online, from both TMNT and Alien. They are as follows,

Alien Box Set




-Big Chap (Alien, Xenomorph, etc.)



TMNT Minimates

Okay, this gets complicated…

These are done in a countertop display with… agh… blind-bagged packaging. Each case has 18 Minimates, or two sets of 9, which include:





-April O’Neil

-Foot Soldier



-Rare, variant Mutagen Michelangelo that is 1 per case

Apparently each countertop contains 18 minimates but each display only holds 9, which makes me question how the Mutagen Michelangelo fits in if he’s one per case… Any ideas? Ok, without any more words, pictures:



Both from toynewsi.com

Please comment with ideas, suggestions, answers, and more in the comments below. Also, I plan on adding reviews to the site (I said this a while back, but… I got busy) and I want to know what format people would like the most. Written, or Video? Also, what do you want to see reviewed? Please give suggestions in the comments, thanks.

Classic X-Force Minimates

DST has released photos of their new Classic X-Force Box Set. The set includes:






They are up for preorder on bigbadtoystore.com right now and the picture is courtesy of marvelousnews.com.

Also, there are additional pictures of the SDCC Days of Future Past Box Set on lukestoystore.com

Any thoughts, questions, or ideas? Post away in the comments below…


SDCC Minimates 2014

DST has announced its SDCC exclusives for this year. The exclusives are two box sets for Marvel and The Walking Dead. The sets are as follows:

Days of Future Past (Comic) Box Set


-Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)



DOFP1-590x638 DOFPHEader


Black and White Walking Dead Box Set




-Zombie (Burned?)



From artasylum.com