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SDCC Minimates 2014

DST has announced its SDCC exclusives for this year. The exclusives are two box sets for Marvel and The Walking Dead. The sets are as follows:

Days of Future Past (Comic) Box Set


-Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)



DOFP1-590x638 DOFPHEader


Black and White Walking Dead Box Set




-Zombie (Burned?)



From artasylum.com


Infinity Box Set Poll

Art Asylum has a poll up for their new TRU exclusive box set based on the recent Marvel Comic event Infinity. The set will contain four figures, and their are six possibilities. The choices are as follows:

-Captain America in Space Suit


-Armored Hulk



-Space Suit Iron Man



-Ronan the Accuser



-Thane, Son of Thanos






All the selections look good, and I am personally hoping for Ronan, Thane, Thanos, and Space Suit Iron Man.

Here’s the link for the poll: artasylum.com. ]

Please give your thoughts and ideas in the comments below and vote.


Marvel Villains Zombie Minimates #2

From marvelousnews.com.

A new Marvel Box Set has been revealed following the Zombie Theme. Again all villains,  and the line-up is as follows:

-Morbius (Who looks just like normal Morbius)

-Kingpin (Lookin’ awesome)

-Dr. Doom (Again, very cool)

-Sabretooth (Cool)

I like the line-up, but I can’t help but wish we received the iconic Wedding Dress Mary Jane, the Zombie Venom, or Mr. Fantastic. But hey, the fact that these exist beats literally every other action figure line out there. (Marvel Legends, Marvel Select, Marvel Universe…). If you have collected the other zombie box set and the previous figures, then this should be very cool. I know I’ll be picking it up.

Note: A friend told me Morbius plays a pretty big part in the fourth chapter of Marvel Zombies, so, awesome!Minimates_Zombies_Boxset__scaled_600


Please posts your ideas, questions, or thoughts in the comments below.


Amazing Minimates #1

Minimates invade the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #1 with an awesome variant cover by Minimate lead designer Barry Bradfield.

courtesy of Art Asylum

courtesy of Art Asylum

Deadly Foes of Spider-Man coming to Luke’s Toy Store

At the Minimates Panel at C2E2, Zach officially announced that the Deadly Foes of Spider-Man 4-Pack is a Luke’s Toy Store exclusive! This set includes Carnage, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, and Lizard. It features several newly sculpted pieces, including towering arms for Doc Ock, a classic Lizard head, and new symbiotic parts for Carnage – his first Minimate release in over 10 years! It also comes packed with a tray full of swappable accessories, including an unmasked Carnage head and hair, parts to make Lizard into Curt Connors, and non-powered parts for Sandman.


“This set has been in the works since December, and I couldn’t be more excited,” says Luke. “This is a very big deal for our store, and I have to thank DST for offering it to us, and all of our customers and fans who have helped us get to this point!”

This set is limited to 3,000 pieces and is expected to arrive in September 2014. It is up for preorder here: http://lukestoystore…imates-box-set/

Upcoming Minimates

Here are some pictures of some upcoming minimates, from bigbadtoystore.com 

Marvel Minimates Wave 58: X-Men: Days of Future Past

It’s worth noting that instead of the Storm pictured earlier this picure has Rogue. We do not yet know which one will be released.

EDIT: Storm will be released, not Rogue. Also, no TRU assortment for this wave.

-Future Prof. X with Past Magneto

-Future Magneto with Past Mystique

-Future Wolverine with Future Storm/Rogue

-Past Logan (Wolverine) with Past Xavier


DOFP2 (from Marvelousnews.com)

The Walking Dead Series 6:

-Constable Rick and Douglas

-Carl and Burning Zombie (side note, they never say zombie in the comic or show, yet this and McFarlane’s charred zombie use the word.)

-Constable Michonne and Winter Zombie

-Party Dress Michonne and Winter Zombie (Variant)

It’s worth noting that Michonne and Rick seem to be the stars of the Walking Dead Minimates, with multiples of both in every series.



Godzilla Boxset

-Godzilla, Mothra, Gigan and Titanosaurus


Marvel Minimates Wave 59: All- New X-Men

-Cyclops and Marvel Girl

-Beast and Angel

-Iceman and Sentinel

-Bobby Drake and Sentinel (Variant)

An extremely quick turnaround from comic to minimate, and, barring Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, I believe this to be the first “full civilian” version of a superhero character. Hopefully snowballs are included.


Dante, Randal, Jay and Silent Bob


Best of Marvel: series 3

Marvel.com has the first look at the upcoming 3rd assortment in the Best of Marvel Minimates line.


The lineup will include:

  • Marvel NOW! Captain America & Modern Spider-Man
  • Transforming Grey Hulk & Extremis Iron Man
  • Classic Hawkeye & Lab Coat Ant Man
  • Luke Cage & Iron Fist

Grey Hulk, Ant Man, and Luke Cage will all feature parts to change their appearance.

Caption Contest: Boss Fight

Agh… It’s been over a month since the last contest. Other ideas building as well as general work got in the way, sorry about that. Also, no prize was suggested, so if one is not, I don’t know what to do. Please leave suggestions in the comments. Well, here we go…

This one is fairly simple. All you need to do is pose some mini mates fighting against a larger figure, hero or villain. Rules are as follows:

1. Use minimates as a main focus. This is not a promotion for NECA or Hasbro.

2. Use a caption. Before these were optional, but a caption, no matter how concise, is necessary.

3. Send it to minimateheadquarters@gmail.com by midnight next Tuesday.

4. Keep it appropriate.

I hope this brings new entries, and suggestions for new features on the site as well as contest ideas are always welcome.

Luke’s Toy Store: Hologram-Style Light-Up Displays

Luke’s Toy Store unveiled a new line of light-up Minimate displays inspired by the holographic displays seen in countless movies and shows. Each translucent display is 2-sided, and the ultra-bright LEDs look great under any lighting conditions. The first release includes two different displays: The Green Laboratory Light-Up Display shows schematics and 3D armor views. The Red Targeting Light-Up Display features an aerial view of a metropolitan area on one side, and Manhattan on the other side, both with ominous targets preparing for an attack.
These displays are available individually for $11.99 each, or as a 2-pack for $19.99. They are available exclusively at Luke’s Toy Store.
LightUp Displays green02t_zps333f238e green03t_zps2c39741f green04t_zpsb2cb7204 red01t_zps9946e8ff red02t_zpse73d2a93 red03t_zps9bd953c7

Guardians of the Galaxy revealed

Marvel has the first look at the upcoming Minimate series based on the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

courtesy of Marvel

courtesy of Marvel

The line-up, due in specialty stores by August, will feature:

  • Star Lord & Ronan
  • Groot (with Rocket Raccoon) & Drax
  • Gamora & Nova Corps Centurion
  • Nebula & Sakaaran Trooper