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New Minimates: TMNT and Alien

Some new photos from upcoming minimates are online, from both TMNT and Alien. They are as follows,

Alien Box Set




-Big Chap (Alien, Xenomorph, etc.)



TMNT Minimates

Okay, this gets complicated…

These are done in a countertop display with… agh… blind-bagged packaging. Each case has 18 Minimates, or two sets of 9, which include:





-April O’Neil

-Foot Soldier



-Rare, variant Mutagen Michelangelo that is 1 per case

Apparently each countertop contains 18 minimates but each display only holds 9, which makes me question how the Mutagen Michelangelo fits in if he’s one per case… Any ideas? Ok, without any more words, pictures:



Both from toynewsi.com

Please comment with ideas, suggestions, answers, and more in the comments below. Also, I plan on adding reviews to the site (I said this a while back, but… I got busy) and I want to know what format people would like the most. Written, or Video? Also, what do you want to see reviewed? Please give suggestions in the comments, thanks.

4 comments to New Minimates: TMNT and Alien

  • Two of my all time favourite franchises come to minimate form!

    I have not seen the current TMNT cartoon but can see these minimates are based on that. That’s cool – I think they look fab.

    I gotta admit I am *less* keen on the blind bag thing – especially as the turtles are gonna feel so similar to each other if youre trying to guess whos in what one just by squeezing! Shredder should be easy to find.

    We need a splinter!

    I have nothing but good things to say about the Alien box set. Wow. yes. Must have!

  • Zach Oat

    Mutagen Michelangelo will actually be translucent, not glowing.

  • Nando Xavier

    Can’t wait! So many new minimates coming out this year!

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