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Classic X-Force Minimates

DST has released photos of their new Classic X-Force Box Set. The set includes:






They are up for preorder on bigbadtoystore.com right now and the picture is courtesy of marvelousnews.com.

Also, there are additional pictures of the SDCC Days of Future Past Box Set on lukestoystore.com

Any thoughts, questions, or ideas? Post away in the comments below…


5 comments to Classic X-Force Minimates

  • Tom Schaller

    Really??? Why oh why are we getting four of the same characters that have already been released? We don’t have X-Force Siryn or Sunspot yet we are getting 2nd versions of characters we already have!! Most of us die hard collectors would buy 2nd, 3rd or 4th versions of our favorite characters but at least give us a 1st version of everyone else first.

  • I guess Cable and Domino are musts for an X-Force set and Cannonball and Shatterstar are cool characters who were only released before in a TRU exclusive set (at least a non New Mutants Cannonball). That said, A Siryn would be appreciated, but I don’t know if she is “classic”

  • 00jelwes

    I guess there aren’t really many other characters people associate with X-force. Gideon maybe, as a villain. Besides that it looks good. Except they are Liefeld costumes ‘shudder’

  • Nessex

    I loved X-Force back when these costumes were around – so i’m pretty excited for this set.
    I do hope this means we’ll a complimentary 2-pack or two. It’d be great to see Syirn, Sunspot & Warpath at some stage. Maybe even a Gideon, Reignfire & Stryfe.

    Also – these aren’t actually Liefeld costumes. Liefeld only worked on the first 10 or so issues of X-force. These designs come from the Greg Capullo era of X-Force :)

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