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Marvel Villains Zombie Minimates #2

From marvelousnews.com.

A new Marvel Box Set has been revealed following the Zombie Theme. Again all villains,  and the line-up is as follows:

-Morbius (Who looks just like normal Morbius)

-Kingpin (Lookin’ awesome)

-Dr. Doom (Again, very cool)

-Sabretooth (Cool)

I like the line-up, but I can’t help but wish we received the iconic Wedding Dress Mary Jane, the Zombie Venom, or Mr. Fantastic. But hey, the fact that these exist beats literally every other action figure line out there. (Marvel Legends, Marvel Select, Marvel Universe…). If you have collected the other zombie box set and the previous figures, then this should be very cool. I know I’ll be picking it up.

Note: A friend told me Morbius plays a pretty big part in the fourth chapter of Marvel Zombies, so, awesome!Minimates_Zombies_Boxset__scaled_600


Please posts your ideas, questions, or thoughts in the comments below.


2 comments to Marvel Villains Zombie Minimates #2

  • Tom Schaller

    Wow!! This set looks awesome. I am so glad we are getting a variety of characters with this set!

  • Kidpool

    It’s great that we’re finally getting sets that aren’t just spidey, Wolverine or the Avengers. And heck, I honestly never thought we’d get a Morbius and now we have 2. Machine Man would’ve been nice, he’s a major player in Zombies, but maybe next time.

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