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Upcoming Minimates

Here are some pictures of some upcoming minimates, from bigbadtoystore.com 

Marvel Minimates Wave 58: X-Men: Days of Future Past

It’s worth noting that instead of the Storm pictured earlier this picure has Rogue. We do not yet know which one will be released.

EDIT: Storm will be released, not Rogue. Also, no TRU assortment for this wave.

-Future Prof. X with Past Magneto

-Future Magneto with Past Mystique

-Future Wolverine with Future Storm/Rogue

-Past Logan (Wolverine) with Past Xavier


DOFP2 (from Marvelousnews.com)

The Walking Dead Series 6:

-Constable Rick and Douglas

-Carl and Burning Zombie (side note, they never say zombie in the comic or show, yet this and McFarlane’s charred zombie use the word.)

-Constable Michonne and Winter Zombie

-Party Dress Michonne and Winter Zombie (Variant)

It’s worth noting that Michonne and Rick seem to be the stars of the Walking Dead Minimates, with multiples of both in every series.



Godzilla Boxset

-Godzilla, Mothra, Gigan and Titanosaurus


Marvel Minimates Wave 59: All- New X-Men

-Cyclops and Marvel Girl

-Beast and Angel

-Iceman and Sentinel

-Bobby Drake and Sentinel (Variant)

An extremely quick turnaround from comic to minimate, and, barring Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, I believe this to be the first “full civilian” version of a superhero character. Hopefully snowballs are included.


Dante, Randal, Jay and Silent Bob


5 comments to Upcoming Minimates

  • Zach Oat

    It will be Storm, and not Rogue. If you read the listing text, it has the right information, and MTV has the correct picture. It has also been discussed on the Multiverse.

  • Ah, thanks for the heads up. Any reason why the Rogue was shown?

  • Nessex

    It would have been nice to see Rogue get a movie minimate, since storm has already had one. Still – Storm looks like a pretty accurate representation to the film.

    The switch was made because most of Rogues scenes were cut from the film. She’s more of an extended cameo now, so fox requested that Storm take her place since she’ll have more screen time.

  • Kidpool

    Just saw DoFP and the assortment looks good. Pity there are no sentinels or Trask (finally a Tyrion custom). The Godzilla mates really catch my eye, can’t wait, and All New Xmen is my fave marvel NOW book, so great to see that.

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