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Ask DST #240

The latest Q&A has been posted, with tons of questions. Below are the highlights.

  • Likely no chance to release the Thor: Dark World figures from the canceled TRU series.
  • DST has nothing against the Wrecking Crew.
  • No plans for the Hobbit.
  • Outside of comic shops and Toys R Us, online is your best bet for finding Minimates.
  • DST picks their Marvel line-ups by throwing darts at a board with every Marvel character’s name on it (not really).
  • Marvel movie Minimates can be tricky to make. DST has to start work well before the movie is released to have a chance at getting product on the shelves in a timely manner. This means they have to work with early reference material, which affects what characters are available to use. (Editor’s note: this is likely why you didn’t see a final battle Whiplash from Iron Man 2, among other notable absences)
  • Tomb Raider should be hitting Toys R Us shelves now.
  • Battle Beasts series 2 should hit specialty shelves this summer. Not clear yet if TRU will carry them.
  • No plans for a Guardians of the Galaxy comic-based box set to coincide with the movie.
  • No plans for Archangel.
  • No plans for Brotherhood of Mutants, though 2014 line plan is not locked in yet.
  • DST would love to finish off the Warriors Three, but so far they’ve been cut twice from the line.
  • Hopefully Banshee will be released eventually.
  • Nintendo is not interested in Minimates at this time.
  • Always a chance for Spidey and friends.
  • DST would love to do Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • No plans for Agent Venom.
  • Blue-suited Steve Rogers will be available in the Captain America: Winter Soldier line, but no plans to rerelease the comic version.
  • DST’s window of opportunity for the Marvel movies is incredibly short, with rare exceptions like the Iron Man 3 armor box set.
  • DST has adopted a “wait and see” approach to Marvel NOW, to figure out which characters to tackle.
  • For the most part, Chuck prefers they use regular hands for the figures, but sometimes the designers slip specialized hands past his notice.
  • DST would love to do more Invincible Minimates.
  • DST will try to keep flight stands in stock.
  • No plans for accessory sets just yet.
  • A chance of seeing a new Ghost Rider and Venom to round out the Thunderbolts, but not a high priority.
  • No plans for Marvel NOW Ghost Rider in 2014.
  • No plans to revisit Superior Spider-Man anytime soon.
  • A bulked up Thanos is more likely than an Infinity box set.
  • More X-Men are coming this year.
  • Deadly Foes and X-Force box sets should be shown by C2E2 if not sooner.
  • No plans for new Fantastic Four costumes.
  • No plans for 2099.
  • New licenses are coming, including one that might be on the fans’ “must do” list.
  • Marvel NOW Avengers has been considered.
  • No plans for Mac Gargan Venom with scorpion tail.
  • It’s doubtful that Todd McFarlane would allow another toy company to touch Spawn, but worth looking into.
  • DST looked into Assassin’s Creed, but nothing came from it.
  • Street Fighter x Tekken and Marvel vs Capcom didn’t sell as well as DST had hoped, so no plans for anything else from that family for now.
  • No plans for Sugar Man, X-Man, Mojo, and Silver Samurai.
  • Inhumans and New X-Men have not been ruled out for future sets.
  • DST would love to do more Skybound, but they have to pick the right property. Nothing planned currently.
  • Star Trek is not selling as well as they would like, so while more hasn’t been ruled out, it isn’t looking very promising.
  • DST tries not to answer questions with a definite no in the event that things change. They also won’t say that a certain character will come in a certain series for the same reason. In addition, revealing too much too early can cause problems with the marketing department. (Ed. note: not much point in giving a website the chance to exclusively reveal a new character if Chuck said it would be in that series five months ago)
  • Questions concerning Agent 88 would have to be sent to Digger.
  • DST is interested in the new Marvel Netflix series, but are waiting to see what happens for now.
  • Thundercats wasn’t DST’s license, so not much they can do to keep the line going. They had to sneak the last box set out before the deadline expired.
  • DST would love to do more MAX stuff, but there was a change in buyers at Toys R Us, which means he’ll have to be convinced to carry the line again.

2 comments to Ask DST #240

  • fernando x fuentes

    sucks that street fighter didn’t sell better.
    its what really made me fall in love with this line.

    i would love the rest of the street fighter 2 characters to be made.

    time to customize i guess…….

    other than that, i’m worried about the TRU situation.
    its the only toys i actively hunt.

  • Feroz Nazir

    Thanks for the summary :-)

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