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Caption Contest Results


I received four entries this time, and I will post all four. I have ranked them, but their is no prize for this contest. Next contest, if their are more than eight entries, then there will be one. Here they are, and please either email or comment for more ideas for future contests. Also, I plan on beginning to put reviews on the site of new, interesting, and  retro minimates. I will try to review suggested minimates, and I will quickly review any mates one ships to me. So… have fun with all of it.

1. battle4time From Feroz Nazir

2. photo-2 From Max Ellentuck

3. image From Jason Sanchez

4. photo-1 From Max Ellentuck

Thanks to everyone who submitted and please submit if you haven’t already. Also, please comment with different ideas for future contests and/or reviews.

5 comments to Caption Contest Results

  • Feroz Nazir

    This was fun!

    Perhaps the next contest can be around and about Valentine’s day?
    Some famous couples are represented as Minimates.

    I’m not sure what reviews would interest me.

    What would interest me would be production stories from the past, but you’d need to interview people for that.

    Or perhaps a nice serial story like the one we used to have here.

  • Nando Xavier

    I like 4 the best.
    Not only am i missing those mm, but that background is awesome

    • max

      thanks! congratulations to the other winners! we should do a minimate mash-up. dc vs marvel, bsg vs back to the future. pirate vs marvel vs capcom vs terminator. thanks again.

  • Nice entries! I didn’t have time to make one. I do like the idea of a Valentine’s Day theme.

    • Feroz Nazir

      Spending all that time on that Mojo custom perhaps?

      I think everyone should visit the Minimate Factory to have a look. He’s awesome!

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