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Ask DST #236: Walking Dead, Marvel, more

You have Minimate questions? DST has answers in their latest Q&A. This time, the questions ponder the likelihood of Predator, DC, Agents of SHIELD, and all things Marvel.

  • Another Strange Tales box set is more likely than accompanying two-packs.
  • Power Man & Iron Fist has been considered for a new two-pack, but no plans for a Heroes for Hire box set.
  • Phoenix Five Namor and Magik would be possible, but the window of opportunity is closing.
  • No plans for more Lord of the Rings.
  • Unlikely for some of the following: Hellcat, Nighthawk, Black Knight (classic), Moondragon (70s), Tigra, Falcon (classic), Wonderman (original & 70s), Wasp, Jocasta, Jarvis, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jack of Hearts, Imperial Guard, Rogue (1st appearance & evil), Kitty Pride (1st appearance), and Dazzler (disco).
  • No plans for Inhumans, but could change in 2014.
  • Too soon for another Deadpool boxset.
  • DST doesn’t have the rights to Stan Lee.
  • DST will keep Man-Thing in mind.
  • DST doesn’t have the rights to Predator.
  • Nightcrawler, Hulkbuster Iron Man, and Doc Ock certainly possible.
  • If DST were to tie-in to a storyline, they’d plan for synergy among their various release outlets (boxsets, Toys R Us exclusives, etc)
  • No plans to make a line centered on the Ultimate universe, but always a chance for more Ultimate Minimates.
  • Walking Dead series 5 and 6 have been planned. Series 5 is being painted now.
  • While Spider-Man is always on their minds, no plans for a boxset featuring Manspider, Scarlet Spider, Anti-Sinister Six Spidey, and Spider-Man Noir.
  • DST doesn’t have the rights to Hellboy.
  • No plans for Gambit, though he’s certainly possible.
  • DST doesn’t really take secondary market prices in mind when planning on updating a figure.
  • DST doesn’t have the rights to Nintendo games, though they have inquired.
  • DC Minimates depends entirely on DC.
  • More Invincible depends on how the first boxset performs.
  • No plans for an updated, accessory-heavy Iceman.
  • Customer Service is always a good place to start if you have issues with your Minimates.
  • No plans for a third Best of series, or a new Invisible Woman.
  • Kudos to customer service Amy!
  • Another Marvel series 50 is unlikely, though the “losers” from the polls can certainly show up somewhere eventually.
  • 2014 may be Marvel movie-heavy.
  • If Chuck could pick an overlooked Spidey villain, he’d go with someone from the 70s, like Gibbon.
  • Walking Dead’s Carl will come eventually.
  • High cost and low interest doesn’t really support the possibility of any playsets.
  • If Agents of SHIELD gets picked up for a second season, DST may look into Minimates.
  • More for Thor: Dark World was planned, but TRU passed on the line, so the extra characters probably won’t be made.
  • Miracleman is not part of the standard Marvel license.
  • For the movie characters, DST can only produce characters that they have reference material for. Silver Samurai didn’t make the cut for the Wolverine series as a result. (Editor’s note: Probably why there is no final-battle Whiplash too.)
  • TRU may have passed on Captain America: Winter Soldier Minimates.

7 comments to Ask DST #236: Walking Dead, Marvel, more

  • Enrique Fraga

    Not sure why they keep on opening the forum for questions if they at this point don’t reveal or are not allowed to speak about anything. It’s just a bunch of no’s, maybes, don’t have the rights to, not likely etc…We pretty much have gotten the same general answer for every single Q and A session. We are going to get 10 spideys, 10 iron men, 10 wolverines, a number of hulks…some obscure female character and whatever box set they decide to do (and not complete the ranks as per the Phoenix Five) that is a hot story at the moment.

    We as fans love the products but have very little control over wants and needs.

    • What about the fan poll we did three series ago, where we created line-ups based on what fans said they wanted, and then let fans choose the final line-up?

      To be fair, this list doesn’t actually cover EVERY question and answer, so I recommend you read the original post. He tells you when the next Marvel Zombies box set will come out, and hints that we’re working on a property someone asks about.

      But as long as people keep asking Chuck if we’ve ever considered X property, the answers are always going to be “no,” or “yes, but we aren’t making them.” It’s unlikely someone will name a license we just acquired, although he announced we were doing Kill Bill in the last one.

      And as long as people keep asking Chuck to make X character, he’ll always say “I’m sure we will,” or “I doubt we will.” Chuck’s allowed to talk about whatever he wants, he’s the president, but it’s rare that someone names a character that’s actively on the schedule.

  • Enrique Fraga

    The reveals, aren’t reveals for a person who knows the basic function of search on the internet. The Zombies, The Thunderbolts and Age of Ultron were all leaked way before they decided to speak about it in the forums. I love this line. Been collecting since the very first wave. I feel this line is not a retail market toy, since many of the supporters are indeed adults. Why not career to that? SO many characters to choose from…the Marvel library is extensive…but when you get down to it, we get maybe, 2-4 characters that are not an Avenger, or Spiderman. Fantastic Four, thankfully got some love…as did the X-men. Im pretty sure we will see mad activity around the Guardians of the Galaxy and perhaps some figures, inspired by the Days of Future Past.

    Ive read all the questions, in fact, I’ve submitted some a while back regarding Sentinel Statues and they replied with an honest and to the point answer…none of this maybe, or not sure, lets wait garbage that really makes this counterproductive for the consumer.

    We are Really…we are paying top dollar for these pieces and you can’t give us a definite answer? and to your point, he is the president and can’t say what is going to be worked on for the year? Offer teasers, or polls on a regular basis to be in touch with the fan base. Fill out the ranks like Marvel Girl (JEan with that yellow pointy mask), She-Hulk in FF uniform, female X-men blue and gold uniforms, a new Rogue…not the 80′s or 90′s version, we don’t have a Rick Jones super huge character for Hulk. All I’m saying is, if they have to make Wolverines, or Spidermans…pack them with someone that makes sense with them. I think every basic character has been mentioned in these forums…but no one seems to know anything, or can say…hey thats a great idea, lets focus on this, for this year.

  • I’m not sure what you’re talking about with those “reveals” — the two semi-announcements I pointed out in this one were not discussed anywhere prior to Chuck stating them.

    And I reveal info in the forums (MMMV, TrekToy and Fwoosh, sometimes here in the comments) all the time. But nobody at DST can say when exactly we’ll make a specific character or acquire a certain license — not unless that character is already on the schedule, or the license is already acquired. We don’t design or plan figures before either of those things happens.

    You may feel that the line is not for the mass market, but we need kids and parents to buy them as well as collectors. And they do — I meet them at conventions. And we see that kids and parents buy MORE of the characters kids know and like than of characters they have never heard of. And that’s not us chasing more money, it’s us trying to minimize the amount of unsold merchandise, to keep Minimates at retail. You can’t say that Firelord and Airwalker weren’t for collectors, and yet they have not sold nearly as well as others.

    If you want a specific figure, like Marvel Girl, tell Chuck in Ask DST. But don’t get mad if he can’t tell you when exactly it is going to come out, or if he actually says “that figure is highly unlikely.” I think there’s a reason no toy company has ever made a Rick Jones — you may have to to make a quick custom. You ask for female X-Men uniforms, so I assume you have done that before.

  • Enrique Fraga

    No one is mad. This is just an opinion and an observation I’ve made. There is a lot said about nothing. One thing we can agree on, is how special and freaking awesome these toys are…and as a fan, I would love to have certain pieces…before the line itself fizzles out. (nothing lasts forever).

    On the topic of popular characters. FOr one…Banshee. He has been around since the 70′s, featured in cartoons, comics and had a role in First Class…I’m not sure why they didn’t jump on to make a figure, based on his original look,,,and the blue and gold uniform. The same goes for Forge. How can you have a team without Forge? lol.

    If I sounded heated, or like a total jerk I apologize. It’s because I’m so passionate about this line, that certain things…really don’t make sense to me. Rick Jones, has not been made ever (aside from the upcoming A-Bomb figure being released) should be a huge red flag for DST…and the gods of Minimates. Aunt May, Alicia Masters, Gwen Stacey…etc …are all supporting cast members of Spidey and FF…Big Mean Green, deserves a sidekick…yes, customs are great and all…but somehow lack that “magic” of opening a box and seeing it in the tray.

    At any rate, I appreciate you commenting back and look forward to seeing bigger and better things in the future. (btw- I just got the Marvel Helicarrier, that 3 foot monster play-set..and it looks ALL KINDS OF AWESOME with the SHIELD mini figs. )

  • MisterTwister

    For me, I understand the character range. I can’t say I am always happy with what is picked but my focus is the comic versions of characters from the 60s-90s, so of course there are some waves/sets that don’t interest me. Without variety and tent pole characters like Wolverine and Spidey in certain waves, the line wouldn’t have lasted as long.

    But I also understand Enrique’s original post’s point- there really is almost never new info in these that we haven’t seen or gotten wind of in different manners.

    Really though the bigger problem is Chuck. He could be an awesome guy- I don’t know him- and maybe his sense of humor, or sarcasm, personality, whatever, doesn’t come off well in the answers, but often I catch myself thinking “What an a-hole” by how he answers the questions. Seems like a chore to him by way of his answers. Of course people are going to ask about specific characters. If you don’t want to answer “when will we get DC Minimates again” for the 30th time, you have two choices- don’t answer the question, or stop taking questions. If you do field the question then, don’t be a jerk (this is a hypothetical example of a question that comes up like once a month it seems in the Minimates edition of “Ask”).

    It’s been bad enough that I stopped reading them and just read the synopsis here instead.

  • DSTZach

    Obviously, if you don’t like Chuck’s answers, there’s no reason to read it. Chuck is not a fan of long-winded answers, but he chooses his words very carefully, so there’s actually some good information in there. And these summaries are incredibly helpful, and usually pick up on his intended meaning, but this one somehow missed some info he gave on Marvel Zombies and another possible license. There were a bunch of multi-part questions and answers this week.

    But Chuck’s policy is to answer every question that’s not a duplicate. If you don’t like the questions, all I can say is ask better ones. The wish lists might be more bearable if there’s more philosophy-based stuff in between, and they might inspire other people to write in with their own interesting questions, rather than more wish lists.

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