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I figured I would try something new this week. Take a picture of a minimate (Doesn’t matter which one), add a caption, and email it to minimateheadquarters@gmail.com. I will sort through however many I receive and then post what I believe to be the top 5. If there is a good response to this, I can put more contests up in the future.


1. Please keep it appropriate. I really don’t want any kids getting a wrong message…

2. Keep it to one frame and a caption.

3. Email it with the subject line “Caption.” If that is not the subject line, I will not look at it.

4. Send it in by the 23 of October. A week is fairly short, but I think it is fine for only one panel of content.

5. Keep it to one submission to a person.

Beyond that, you are free to use anything you want in the pictures, including other toy lines, but the main focus should be a minimate. If there are any questions, shout out in the comments. If you want to see more contests like this, please either tell me in the comments or in the email with a submission.

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