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Ask DST #220 & 224

The latest Q&A is up, answering more questions about all things Minimate. Below are the highlights.

As a bonus, I’ve also listed the highlights to the last Minimate Q&A that I completely overlooked. Sorry about that.

Ask DST #220:

  • Still no plans for more DC.
  • The Death of Jean DeWolff series was fun for DST to work on, though sales weren’t quite what they’d prefer. Still, it seemed to do well enough that they’d like to try that type of themed series again.
  • X-Men characters are always under consideration, so always a chance for another Gambit.
  • Aliens aren’t quite ready for their debut yet, but more news is coming. Good chance for Hicks and Hudson.
  • No plans for Marvel Mangaverse.
  • No plans for Harry Potter.
  • No plans for Magik or Namor.
  • No plans for Sage/Tessa, Cassandra Nova, Cecelia Reyes, Danger, Pixie, Armor, or the Stepford Cuckoos.
  • No plans for pop culture/musicians.
  • No plans for unreleased skeleton from Calico Jack. Maybe if the Calico Jack line can be relaunched somehow.
  • Future Skybound plans on hold until sales for Thief of Thieves and Invincible come in.
  • No plans for Tick, Astro City, or TMNT.
  • No plans for Beast, but with a new X-Men movie coming, there’s always a chance it will influence the line plan.
  • A Spider-Man web blast accessory sounds like a good idea.
  • 2014 has not been completely planned out yet. Always a chance for X-Men.
  • Always a chance for Kaine, less so for Harry Osborn, even less so for the most recent Doc Ock.
  • Marvel Zombies are restricted to just villains.
  • No plans for more American McGee figures.
  • Maybe more Marvel NOW! in 2014.
  • No plans for Walking Dead TV figures.
  • TRU passed on Thor movie Minimates. Not a very big chance of a box set rounding out the line up.
  • Always a chance for more Iron Man armors.
  • No plans to return to Target shelves, but DST is always trying and hopeful.
  • DST has looked into Mad Max, but have been unable to work out a deal.
  • No plans for Power Rangers, though it would be pretty cool.

Ask DST #224:

  • No plans for Power Rangers (still).
  • Waiting on performance of Star Trek before moving forward. Any future plan would likely be a mix of the various licenses.
  • No plans for Simpsons.
  • None of the figures that didn’t make the cut for Marvel series 50 are scheduled to be released, but there’s always the chance they’ll slip into future assortments.
  • Chance for more Marvel Zombies.
  • No plans for Spider-Girl (Anya).
  • Too early to announce Marvel movie plans.
  • No plans for Chamber or Sunspot.
  • Always looking at ways to improve the joints of Minimates.
  • A Carnage box set would be a cool idea.
  • No plans for Blade Runner, as it is impossible to determine who has the merchandising rights.
  • No plans for Tigra.
  • Pathfinder is still in development.
  • Talks of releasing old army builders, but nothing planned.
  • Younger collectors weren’t really considered when designing the collector’s case. A more sturdy design would be less cost effective but may not be a bad direction moving forward.
  • Chance for Banshee. Not so much for Mojo, Spiral, or Proteus.
  • Minimate ships for Aliens could be possible.
  • No plans for Shonen Jump, Mega Man, or DBZ.
  • A mini Wasp would be cool, but difficult to design (Editor’s note: Couldn’t they do something similar to the mini Silver Surfer that came with Galactus?)
  • No full set of Tarot planned, but could be possible.
  • Invincible and Thief of Thieves licensed through Skybound, so they won’t necessarily springboard into other Image properties.
  • No plans for Expendables 3. Too difficult to secure the image rights of the various actors. (Ed. note: I didn’t think likeness rights were really an issue with Minimates. Maybe the likeness rights make it too difficult to make standard figures, etc, that help offset licensing costs, making it too expensive for just Minimates?)
  • Desperado not included in Miramax license.
  • No plans for classic Falcon, but DST would love to do the costume at some point.
  • No plans for Ghost Busters, but then again, they’ve said that before.
  • No plans for Blues Brothers.
  • No plans for RWBY.
  • Sin City is based on the movie, not the comic.
  • No plans, ever, for a topless Minimate.
  • Resident Evil has been considered, but just hasn’t happened yet.
  • X-Men always under consideration.
  • Chance for a Wrecking Crew box set, but they could just as easily show up in a standard assortment.
  • No plans for a Cable: Blood & Metal box set, though a new Cable would be possible.
  • Minimates are set to remain on the fixed 2″ scale, though part usage may change that slightly.
  • Timing is off to do a Thor comic-based line in time for the movie, but since his popularity has risen after three movies, he’s higher on the to-do list for normal line plans.
  • Numerous factors determine whether a release is delayed, some outside of DST’s control. Obviously, they don’t want to ever push back a release date.
  • No plans for Squadron Supreme.
  • Maybe 2015 for Superior Foes of Spider-Man.
  • Never considered a Classic Avengers line before.
  • No plans for New Warriors box set.
  • Just because a character doesn’t win a poll doesn’t mean it won’t ever be made.
  • DST would love to do playsets, but can’t ever seem to generate enough support. They may try again in the future.
  • The MAX statues were a pretty clever work around for the limitations of the Marvel license, but sales weren’t great. With the loss of the resin license, future attempts at a similar work around may not be feasible.
  • DST toyed with the idea of making a web based store club, but have gotten away from that idea now.

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