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Bring the Thunder

DST’s Facebook page has a picture of an upcoming Marvel NOW! Thunderbolts box set.

Thunderbolts box set

The set will feature:

  • Red Hulk (with transforming Thunderbolt Ross underneath)
  • Punisher
  • Deadpool
  • Elektra

The Minimates look good, though the set as a whole might seem unnecessary to some, as most of the team doesn’t look much if at all different from previous versions of their characters, making Punisher with a red skull logo (not Red Skull) and Venom with red trim (who isn’t even in this set) the only “essentials” of the lot. Still, a good way to grab a modern Punisher, and snag a Deadpool, Rulk, and Elektra if you’ve missed out on their previous versions.

(image courtesy of Diamond Select Toys)

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