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Ask DST #212: Marvel, Terminator, Battlestar, more

Art Asylum has posted the latest Q&A about all things Minimates. Below are the highlights:

  • Movie properties have a small window of opportunity, so it’s rare to get a chance to go back and revisit them for spots you may have missed.
  • No plans for Buffy.
  • Always a chance for more X-Men.
  • No plans for a second Strange Tales box set.
  • DST will have to check to see if Image’s Angela character can be used in the Marvel line.
  • No plans for Silver Hawks, Visionaries, or Tiger Sharks.
  • Maybe not a box set, but there’s a chance for Young Avengers in some form.
  • Designs are being made for a second series of Battle Beasts, pending meetings with IDW and Toys R Us.
  • One, maybe two of the following are happening: Farscape, Babylon 5, Blake‚Äôs 7, Lost in Space, Space 1999, Green Hornet, Shadow, Underworld, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Primeval, Being Human, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and Zorro. (Editor’s note: Of the whole list, we know Lost in Space is getting some form of treatment. Other items on the list have been rejected in the past, though things are always changing, so speculate away on what the second one could be)
  • No plans for Adventure (Ed. note: Not sure if there’s a word missing there somewhere, or if there is something just called Adventure)
  • There’s a chance for Marvel NOW! Deadpool or Scarlet Spider Kaine.
  • DST has never considered a themed “Best of” wave before, not that they’d rule it out.
  • Always a chance for another version of Hulkbuster Iron Man, though the exact same one wouldn’t be rereleased.
  • Always a chance for more Emma Frost.
  • No plans for Game of Thrones (Ed. note: Which eliminates it from the list of possibilities above)
  • No plans for Team Fortress 2.
  • DST no longer has the rights to Terminator 2. If a new movie were made, there’s always the chance they could pick up that license.
  • No plans for more Back to the Future. Sales of the last set weren’t quite where they’d like them to be.
  • DST typically does not do straight rereleases of older Minimates.
  • DST no longer has the rights to Battlestar Galactica.

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