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Ask DST #204: Hunger Games, Predator, more

Art Asylum has posted the latest Q&A, regarding all things Minimate. Amongst the typical Marvel, DC, and Doctor Who questions, there’s some questions about several movie properties, as well as revisiting some lines from years passed. Below are the highlights:

  • No plans for Hunger Games, though there was some talk with the licensor back before it had made the transition from book to movie.
  • With another Captain America movie in the works, the likelihood of more comic-based Cap Minimates is pretty good.
  • No plans for Airwolf, though Chuck would be interested if there was enough demand for it.
  • Predator not very likely at the moment. DST had planned a line-up at one point, but nothing came of it.
  • BBC doesn’t have any interest in Doctor Who Minimates at the moment, and Underground Toys couldn’t generate enough interest to license it through them.
  • Peter Pan is the only Disney line planned currently.
  • Probably something new to announce at SDCC if not beforehand.
  • Marvel line plan for the year still not finalized.
  • DST cannot make a DC Minimates movie, due to rights, but they’d love to make another Marvel one.
  • No plans for more Fear Itself.
  • Due to the way the market has changed since the original rock Minimates were released, it is difficult to re-approach the line.
  • It took AFX stepping up to release the majority of the Alpha Flight line-up in such quick succession. It’s hard to plan for something like that to happen again.
  • No plans for more Back to the Future.
  • The lack of an action figure of a given character has no standing on whether or not they will get a Minimate.
  • There has been talk of making a horse, but no plans currently.
  • No plans for Bill & Ted’s Excellent Minimates.

1 comment to Ask DST #204: Hunger Games, Predator, more

  • Kidpool

    I wonder if anyones suggested Game of Thrones minimates yet? And am I the only one who thinks the Young Avengers are long overdue?

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