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Minimates from the Mirror Universe

Entertainment Earth will be playing host to a Star Trek exclusive: the ISS Enterprise.

courtesy of Art Asylum

courtesy of Art Asylum

The ship is a repaint of the standard Enterprise and comes packaged with Mirror universe Kirk. Its disappointing that we’re getting a retread of a figure we already have, especially when there are so many characters from Star Trek yet to be realized in Minimate form, but its a good reuse of the ship and its understandable that Kirk is arguably the most well known character from the franchise.

This is expected to ship from Entertainment Earth in May, and is available for preorder now.

6 comments to Minimates from the Mirror Universe

  • MisterPL

    In all fairness, it’s not a simple repaint. There’s new tooling to the saucer “lid” and the nacelles to make even this super-deformed incarnation of the I.S.S. Enterprise authentic.

    As for Kirk, I’ve convinced myself that this isn’t the same character as before but the Mirror Universe version. [wink wink, nudge nudge] Your mileage may vary.

    All that said, I think we can all agree that this would be more attractive for $10 less but a retailer like TRU would have to step up. Maybe if sales on these are decent enough, DST will be able to tell a success story the next time they have a Trek vehicle to pitch. (But hopefully it won’t be another TOS Enterprise!)

  • Minimatetastic

    Why is everyone upset about the reuse of a vehicle? We have at LEAST 2 of every vehicle before. We have 4 MAX Jets, 4 Pirate Ships and 5 Warthogs. I just expect at this point when a new vehicle comes out that it will get at least one variant. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a battle damaged Enterprise in the future.

    And if it’s the figure everyone’s all upset about, think it through. Kirk is a main character, so he’ll probably help sell it to new collectors. He’s got recognition with the new movies even if you don’t know what the Mirror Universe is. Also, the last Mirror Kirk came out 5 years ago. Not everyone is a long time collector who has everything already. I know there’s other Mirror characters that people may want, but do they make sense piloting the Mirror Enterprise?

    I would think people would be happier that it IS a redo of an old figure so they don’t have to buy a expensive vehicle with minor paint changes just to own it.

    • drgnrbrn316

      I don’t think anyone is actually upset. I understand the necessity of reusing a sculpt of a vehicle, since they aren’t exactly cheap to make. So long as its a good reuse, I’m fine with it. Using the Calico Jack ship for the Peter Pan line was great. An alternate universe Enterprise here works fine as well. I also understand that its necessary to retread with popular characters and that not all collectors get on board at the same time. I get all that.

      That being said, given the choice between a figure we’ve gotten before and one that we haven’t, I’d pick the one that we haven’t.

  • Sorry, guys — we needed to re-use the tooling to make the ship cost out. And we need Kirk in there to give the ship as broad an appeal as possible. Plus, we honestly believe this is a variant a lot of fans will want, and this way those who don’t want it won’t be missing out on a new character. Hopefully, the ship does well enough to justify an all-new vehicle, and if the Legacy Series does well, maybe we can add to the Mirror crew.

  • Feroz Nazir

    Not to be mean, but I can’t get excited about another Mirror crew. Only Mirror crew members missing from the previous box set would be interesting for me.

    I really would like to see the Star Trek line continue and the wave with the captains seems like a good starting point. But if we’re going to get a lot of previously made characters done slightly different it’s not going to appeal to me.

    I do like the Mini Enterprises and I appreciate that we’ll get this variant instead of a battle damaged version.

  • Feroz Nazir

    It looks like we’ll be invaded by an entire fleet of Enterprises: http://www.shopafx.com/afxexsttrent.html

    Also, it seems AA has had it’s 200th Q&A session ahwile ago.

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