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Peter Pan Flying to Shelves

What seemed like an inevitability after Disney hosted its own exclusive Marvel box set, Disney will finally delve into the world of Minimates with box sets and more based on Peter Pan. Highlighting the recent blu-ray release of Peter Pan, two box sets and a pirate ship will be hitting Disney Store shelves in March.

The first set will feature Peter Pan, Cubby, Tootles, and Nibs.

Peter Pan set 1

courtesy of Art Asylum

The second will feature Michael, John, Captain Hook, and Tinkerbell.

courtesy of Art Asylum

courtesy of Art Asylum

Finally, the Jolly Roger will come with Wendy and Smee.

courtesy of Art Asylum

courtesy of Art Asylum

These sets will be exclusive to Disney Stores and Disneystore.com.

Thanks Feroz Nazir (who is practically a contributing writer at this point).

11 comments to Peter Pan Flying to Shelves

  • Feroz Nazir

    I guess I’m just a bit more alert around convention time. ;-)

    I really like these.

    What I really would love to see is a Tiger Lily Minimate, but perhaps she is a PC risk?

    Will Robin Hood be next? That would be a must have for me!

  • u84l582

    Really not impressed with how they look or the accessories they come with.

    • Tytus

      Yeah I mentioned something on DST’s Facebook page about them looking different (but didn’t get negative about it b/c they’ll block you if you give any negative critiques). They look kinda cheap & don’t have much detail. Although I like the scale of the little pink guy…would be great for Carl Grimes in the Walking Dead line.

  • fernando x

    i really do hope this opens the door for the rocketeer!!

  • ahuramazda

    even better would be if it opens up kingdom hearts and consequently final fantasy minimates.

  • Zach Oat

    Tytus, I don’t block everybody who says negative things, or you’d be long gone. :) I’ll delete an overly negative, rude or unconstructive comment, sure, but I only block people who INCESSANTLY say negative and just plain rude things. It’s a short list. Also, racists.

    As far as them looking cheap, it’s probably because they don;t have a lot of detail. They’re based on pretty simple animated characters, and adding more sculpted parts to capture specific shapes would have taken too long (we had to deliver quickly), and would have hidden the Minimate form.

    Glad you like them, Feroz!

    Fernando, ask the Disney Store — we’re making them at their request, because we don’t have the license ourselves.

    • Tytus

      That’s why I keep my constructive criticisms here or elsewhere & only comment on things that I love on the Facebook page! Regardless of how they look…these are sure to fly off shelves. All the Minimate lines can’t look the same anyways!

      • fernando x

        i actually love the diversity of styles too!

        one of the things i asked for with the zombie line was a mascot zombie (basically a zombie in an animal suit).

        with my extra walking dead zombies and these kids i think i can make my own now!!

        still would love a duck though….

  • thereasonsy

    Not to be knit picky but I wish that the young John was smaller.

  • Caliban

    all I hope is that this opens the door to Pirates of the Caribbean minimates!! Please please please please please!

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