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Toy Fair ’13: Marvel, Star Trek, more

Action Figure Insider has some pictures up from Toy Fair. I’m hesitant to grab great big chunks of their picture gallery, so I’ll just post links to the pictures in question and encourage you to check out the whole gallery here. Thanks to Punisher and Feroz Nazir for the tips.


Control art for the previously mentioned Invincible box set was on display.


Marvel series 50 was on display giving us our first good look at Spidey & Songbird, Ghost Rider & Onslaught, the Barons Zemo, and the Nova Centurion and his various heads.

Series 51 was also on display, with Spidey & Nova, Shanna & Sauron, Nick Fury Jr (with Commander Rogers head) & Maria Hill and the SHIELD agent.

Also on display, and the first I’d heard of it (I think), was TRU’s Marvel series 16, featuring what I assume to be the pairings of Hulk & Iron Man, Scarlet Witch & Captain America, and “Phoenix 5″ versions of Colossus & Emma Frost. The cheese, Wolverine, stands alone.


Control art for what looks like a box set based on the Pathfinder role playing game was also on display.

Star Trek Legacies

Star Trek was on display, with the first assortment of Star Trek Legacies, featuring Kirk & Kahn, Picard & Borg Queen, Sisko & Jem Hadar, and Archer & Xindi. Also on display were Janeway & 7 of 9, Picard & a Borg, and Sisko & a Cardassian, from what appears to be the TRU assortment. Its disappointing that this makes 3 Picards and 4 Siskos, with the rest of their francise still without representation, but hopefully this line gets off the ground and we start seeing more characters.

The Enterprise was also on display.

Thief of Thieves

Another Robert Kirkman project, Thief of Thieves had control art on display.

Tomb Raider

An assortment of Tomb Raider Minimates were on display, featuring Lara Croft and presumably characters from the new game.

Walking Dead

The third assortment of the Walking Dead Minimates were out, featuring Hershell, Tyreese, Dexter, Rick, and the zombies.

Also on display were Glenn and Carol, with a couple of zombies, and Michonne, Lori with baby, the Governor, Alice(?), Gabe, Bruce, and a zombie, presumably all from future assortments.

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