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Ask DST #195: DC, Doctor Who, more

Periodically, DST answers questions from its fans on the wide variety of products they produce. This time, its all things Minimates. Below are the highlights:

  • DC still very much has the final say on whether or not we’ll see any more DC Minimates.
  • If your local Toys R Us doesn’t carry Minimates, talk to the managers.
  • 2013 Marvel line plan is not 100% decided, so still a chance for Scarlet Spider (Kaine).
  • Doctor Who was never canceled, they were just never produced. DST did designs for Underground Toys, who were unable to generate enough interest to go forward with production.
  • No plans for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.
  • No plans for the Walking Dead TV license.
  • License does not allow for Ecto-1 in any form.
  • No plans for Street Fighter.
  • Gamestop not overly interested in carrying toy lines.
  • No plans for a third assortment of Street Fighter x Tekken.
  • No plans for Star Trek boxed sets, but if the Legacy sets go well, who knows what the future holds.
  • Toys R Us has shown no interest in selling the carrying cases.
  • DST has the rights to vehicles for Walking Dead, but no plans for now.
  • No plans for Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit.
  • So long as the fans and Marvel are happy, the Marvel series will keep coming.
  • Waiting on approval from Marvel Studios before any Iron Man 3 product can be shown.

4 comments to Ask DST #195: DC, Doctor Who, more

  • Lance Crutchfield

    Wow I saw that my question was published in this latest Ask DST that’s awesome and I love the answer I got back :D

  • Heart of the Dragon

    Just a nit to pick, here… .

    “Doctor Who was never canceled, they were just never produced.”

    If the line was scheduled to go forward -which it seems like it was what with the designs being done– then the fact that it did not go forward equals canceled.

    • drgnrbrn316

      It reads more like the designs were commissioned by a licensor as a proof-of-concept. They showed said concept to vendors, but didn’t gather the interest necessary to bank roll a line. In this case, since there was never a specific line-up or box set planned out, there was nothing to cancel. They just never got the interest necessary to even start work on the line.

      In the end, its all semantics, since either way it basically means we won’t be seeing Doctor Who Minimates.

  • Feroz Nazir

    Seeing what they did with other vehicles like K.I.T.T., The “Time Machine” and The M.A.X. Jet, it’s a real shame we won’t see a Minimates Ecto-1.

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