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AFX: Thundercats Series 3 for “free”

AFX is offering the third Thundercats box set for free, though free is kind of loosely used here. Between now and January 27th, if you purchase $22 of select stock, you’ll get the box set added to your order for free. Given that you’d spend $22 on the box set anyway, its actually a pretty good deal if there’s something in their available stock that you were waiting on.

Thundercats series 3, courtesy of AFX

Thundercats series 3, courtesy of AFX

Here’s the link for all the details, as well as the list of select stock.

2 comments to AFX: Thundercats Series 3 for “free”

  • Nessex

    Yeah – i’m totally jumping on this one.
    Sometimes it actually does pay off to hold off on buying exclusives :)

  • Tytus

    Rats I waited too long to pull the trigger…I guess this offer only lasted through yesterday (1/27/12). I was gonna snag Alpha Flight Box Set 2 and the Thundercats Villains set to go with this one.

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