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Ask DST #192: Marvel, Walking Dead, Universal Monsters

Art Asylum has posted the latest Q&A regarding all things Minimates.

Below are the highlights:

  • DST is happy to be working with Robert Kirkman.
  • Best bet for questioning DC about Minimates is to approach them at trade shows.
  • Best of series 3 is not planned yet. Purpose of the line is to make Marvel approachable to new customers, since 50 waves is a lot. Also, by utilizing popular characters, it serves as a good impulse buy.
  • No plans for Lenore.
  • Through the Ages box sets are a good way to capitalize on popular characters and will continue.
  • Marvel line is planned through series 53.
  • No plans for army builder box sets.
  • No plans for Darksiders.
  • No plans for Marvel Mangaverse.
  • DST may post some sort of guide for the Walking Dead zombies, but that’s not certain.
  • No plans to use Kickstarter.
  • DST had expressed interest in Smallville during the show’s run, but the licensor was not interested.
  • Valiant comics might be considered at a later date when they have a stronger following.
  • Darkhorse would be a difficult license to obtain, since there are a number of different creators who would have to be approached, instead of the more standard umbrella license like you’d get from Marvel or DC.
  • Customer service is glad to help however they can with quality control issues. DST strives to produce the best product they can, but problems will always be inevitable.
  • Star Wars probably won’t happen anytime soon.
  • No plans for a Disney video game license.
  • No plans for KITT in convertible mode.
  • Possibility for more Thundercats after series 4.
  • No characters from the Walking Dead have been ruled out.
  • Universal Monsters did better than many expected, but sales just aren’t where they need to be to make it a viable line.
  • Walking Dead license does not include the video game set in the comic world.
  • Since Spider-Man sees so many releases in the Marvel line, the likelihood of a Through the Ages boxset are slim. But it is Spider-Man we’re talking about so…
  • No plans for a What If set.
  • No plans for Black Knight, US Agent, Hobgoblin, Demogoblin, Doppleganger, or Deathlok in 2013.
  • No plans for Street Fighter x Tekken beyond series 2.
  • Always a chance for more Deadpool.
  • Walking Dead is planned through series 4.
  • There was some talk of Hobbit Minimates, but nothing came of it.
  • GI Joe Minimates not very likely.
  • No plans for Jaws.
  • All Minimates are 2-inches in size.
  • Might be time for an updated Hydroman and Sandman, but no plans for it.

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