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Ships Ahoy: Walking Dead, SF x Tekken

The second series of Walking Dead and Street Fighter x Tekken should be hitting shelves this week.

Walking Dead series 2:

  • Michonne & One-Eye Zombie
  • Sailor Zombie & Leg Bite Zombie
  • Andrea & Stabbed Zombie
  • Amy & Stabbed Zombie (variant)

Street Fighter x Tekken series 2:

  • Ryu vs Yoshimitsu
  • Abel vs Kazuya
  • Chun Li vs Hwoarang
  • Rufus vs Julia

4 comments to Ships Ahoy: Walking Dead, SF x Tekken

  • Feroz Nazir

    I really like the figures from the first SF x Tekken series, but I am disappointed in the lack of accessories.

  • Feroz Nazir

    Art Asylum has posted a new Minimates Q&A

  • Nessex

    @ Feroz – i think the reasoning behind the lack of accessories is that DST has to pay for TWO licenses, rather than just one (SF and Tekken).
    This cuts pretty heavily into their budget which means no Sonic Boom for Guile :(

    I’m more disappointed that we’re seeing our 3rd Ryu & Chun-Li, but couldn’t get Blanka or Dhalsim. I understand that the former bigger names than the latter – but damn, it would have been nice to round out the SFII cast.

  • JamesFromEarth

    Is there a reason they changed the “Cute” Zombie to just Leg Bite Zombie?

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