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Ask DST #189: Walking Dead, Marvel, more

Art Asylum has posted the latest Q&A with DSTChuck. Walking Dead and Marvel are discussed, as well as the future of Femme Fatales, Universal Monsters, and more.

Below are the highlights:

  • It’s not looking too good for a third Femme Fatales set. Sales on the last two sets weren’t what they hoped for.
  • DST will be focusing on the Walking Dead comics for the foreseeable future.
  • Carl will still use the standard 2″ body.
  • DST doesn’t typically make their own personal Minimates for themselves.
  • While licenses they would like to make tend to start out on their list of future ideas, they are typically outweighed by what would sell to a wider audience.
  • Walking Dead has been designed and planned through series 4, with plenty more ideas to go from there.
  • Anything Marvel is possible (in response to Marvel Noir question).
  • Chance for new Hawkeye, Daredevil, Punisher, Deadpool, Blade, and Ghost Rider.
  • DST has the rights to several Skybound properties, so something like Invincible could be possible.
  • No plans for Jack Reacher.
  • No plans for Generation X.
  • No word on anything new from DC.
  • More word on Walking Dead series 3 should be coming soon.
  • Each zombie in the Walking Dead is based on one from the comic.
  • No plans on Young Avengers.
  • No plans on another Jill Valentine.
  • We’ll see on Adventure Time.
  • Typhoid Mary and Echo would be almost a lock if DST does a Daredevil themed assortment.
  • No plans for more Back to the Future. The anniversary set did not sell as well as they had hoped.
  • Just because a license seems to have a high demand doesn’t necessarily mean that the market in general has a high demand for the license. Sometimes the demand comes from a very vocal minority.
  • Sometimes, a truly good license can’t be made because the licensor isn’t interested, or the scope of the license is smaller than they’d hope, or sometimes DST just doesn’t have the resources to sink into the project.
  • No plans for Kid Loki.
  • Still weighing options for more Munsters.
  • Not looking good for a 4th Universal Monsters assortment.
  • No plans for Game of Thrones, though they have pursued it.
  • Power Man and Iron Fist are due for an update, but the scope of the Marvel Universe doesn’t always allow them to go back and revisit everyone. Same for Vision.
  • Always a chance for Winter Soldier.
  • Always a chance for another Hope Summers if it made sense to include her in the line-up.
  • Always a chance for an updated World War Hulk. DST loves Hulk almost as much as Spider-Man.

6 comments to Ask DST #189: Walking Dead, Marvel, more

  • Tad Ghostal

    Yay! They responded to my Game of Thrones question!!

    Boo! (see response)

  • thereasonsy

    Ok, not trying to be a douche but seriously, I have never heard of anyone asking for Back To the Future, the Expendables, the universal Monsters, Rocky, Knight Rider, or Desperately Seeking Susan. I get DC not wanting to play ball with us but that still leaves video game properties and other comic lines. Minimates quiet frankly needs to have a vision as to WHAT they want to be as a brand and then base their decisions off of that. If they want to grow past Marvel then what are licenses that are profitable for them that have a passionate fan base and would be inclined to purchase. Turn on me all you want but I have ZERO interest in the show but even I know it sells.

  • Picking the licenses we want to make, sales be damned, is a luxury most companies don’t have. Licenses with no legs don’t go anywhere, unless your brand is so widely collected that it can survive on dedicated collectors alone. I’m excited about our Tomb Raider line, and Walking Dead is something we’ve been after for a while, and it’s good timing that we got the line up and running when we did, at the peak of its popularity. We have some other licenses in the hopper that should expand our visibility even more.

  • Nessex

    Desperately Seeking Susan were some seriously cool Minimates. And i can genuinely see the appeal in releasing a set like that: There is a retro chic that people like to buy, as well as tapping into the nostalgia of the era.
    Plus – Madonna!!! That girl is a pretty serious name and i’m guessing that having her attached to the film made it seem more attractive as a collectible toy release.
    Also – BTTF has a HUGE fan-base. Maybe no-one requested Minimates from BTTF, but they sold pretty well to start with. Well enough to warrant 4 box sets, 3 2-packs and 4 vehicles.
    Not every line can be a winner – but you can’t blame AA/DST for trying.

  • Eric

    I’m still going to keep including Generation X on all my suggestions. The Chamber alone would be awesome.

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