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Ask DST #186: Marvel, more Marvel

DST has posted the latest Q&A, and the questions are primarily focused on Marvel Minimates. Here’s the highlights:

  • TRU series 15 will not feature any of the series 50 poll losers.
  • Minimate boxsets aren’t reissued, since they can always update or redo characters in future assortments.
  • DST expects to have movie-related releases in 2013.
  • They may do more Black Widow figures now that she’s a bit more well known.
  • Series 48 Mr Fantastic should have plenty of accessories.
  • There have been requests for the 90s X-Factor team.
  • No plans for Power Pack.
  • If Rocket Raccoon was ever made, it might be similar to Snarf in its design.
  • Not much consideration for West Coast Avengers.
  • DST does not currently have rights to the potential SHIELD TV series.
  • No plans for any more Street Fighter x Tekken beyond what’s been announced.
  • No plans for Scarlet Spider in 2012.
  • No plans for smaller scaled Minimates.
  • Squadron Supreme will not be the 52nd series of Minimates.
  • No plans for Star Wars, GI Joe, Masters of the Universe, or Indiana Jones. They’ve all been discussed, but for various reasons, the licenses aren’t available or aren’t interested.

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